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All You Need to Know About Nightlife in Bali

All You Need to Know About Nightlife in Bali
2 February 2018

Bali is a majestic island that has everything you can imagine. It is Paradisiac containing the best beaches with golden sand and warm turquoise waters. When you arrive there, you will find out that it has more to please your appetite for adventure and fun.

The combination of natural wonders capable of taking your breath away, ancient volcanoes, lush rainforests with hidden astonishing waterfalls, rice paddies dotted over the island, awe-inspiring sunsets and many more. All of this completed with a rich culture and polite people who are always available to serve you with a big smile.

The mix of old temples and new fancy resorts help this place to perfectly combine the best of both worlds. From quiet beaches and spas that will melt your concerns away, to wild parties at night where you will meet tourists from almost anywhere.

This time, our focus is put into nightlife on the island. When the sun goes down, a wide range of options come into scene; it will all depend on your likes and dislikes, what you can know for sure is that Bali has a variety of places and activities for everything you could imagine.

It all starts with dinner, hotels, and resorts that commonly have their own restaurants and bars. However, several other options are spread on the streets of every big town in Bali. Also, the bigger and more developed the area, the more amount of options you will have.

The South zone of Bali is by far the most advanced on the entire island. Many towns are full of accommodation, partying and dining options. Some international chains can be easily found, same happens with fancy restaurants wherein recognized chefs serve luxury plates every day. On the other hand, the local food is worldwide renown by the amazing flavors and freshness it combines, local flavors are undoubtedly a must in Bali.

After dinner, adventurers and party animals resort to the streets to find a place where they could grab a cold Bintang or a classic cocktail. Around midnight, everyone is on the dance floor of some nightclub.

Nightlife activities come in many sizes and shapes here in Bali, in popular places like Kuta, Sanur and Denpasar, tons of bars and clubs are open until very late every night. While in Kuta visitors are younger and wilder, places like Seminyak are considered more refined.

Moreover, not everything is about drinking and partying hard in Bali; plenty other options can work really well for you, based on your wants, location and budget. Here we are to show you the very best alternatives to make nightlife in Bali as unforgettable as the days you will spend on the island.

Where to party

If what you are seeking is to dance all night, drink and have a great time with your friends, then wait no more! Depending on the area you are staying in, you will find calmer or crowded spots.

Nightclubs: this type of local hangouts are mostly established in the Southern area of Bali Island. Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are packed with a variety of options just like in Bukit. The scene begins around midnight, tourists go to other places like bars and pubs to grab a drink until the time to go straight to the dance floor comes.

As in any other place in the world, some places become really popular and frequented by tourists. For example, the Sky Dome Super Club –located on the main street of Legian- which is without any doubt, the biggest clubbing space in the area. Under the Super Dome, several separated clubs are inside. They can be thematic, with international Dj’s playing every night.

In Bali, there is an exotic place called Mirror Bali, it has become popular in the recent time based on the fact that inside it seems to be a Gothic Cathedral, you never thought you could party all night in a church, right?

Pyramid Club is convenient. Located between Kuta and Legian so travelers from both areas can go and party there, techno music plays seven days a week until 6 am giving tourists a perfect spot to hit the dance floor literally all night long, even on Mondays.

Velvet & Hypnotized, Boshe VVIP Club are some of the most visited places in Kuta too. Bounty Discotheque and Engine Room in Legian are the most popular in this area while Jenja Club, Red Ruby Clun and OPIVM are the top ones in Seminyak.

Beach clubs: they are flawless spots to dance and drink without leaving the beach spirit. The variety of beach clubs you can find on the island comes in different types. From popular places located right on the beach in front of the main streets, to some others hidden under cliffs along the bay.

In Bali’s beach clubs, an excellent selection of tapas or snacks, cocktails and Bintang are accompanied by animated music to create the perfect spot to have fun. In Seminyak, one of the pioneers in this type of clubs, still working and keeps being very popular is the Ku De Ta, wherein you can sit in the bar to stare at the breathtaking sunset. In Ungasan area, a hidden place called Sundays Beach Club is one of the preferred ones on the entire island because of its amazing and private location, it is a beach perfect for diving, practicing sports and lastly restting and dancing in the well-decorated area of the Club.

Potato head and Cocoon in Seminyak area, Finn’s Beach Club and Vue beach in Canggu. Azul Beach Club and SKAI in Legian deserve a chance too as they are very good alternatives in their areas.

Rooftop Bars: A recent trend in Bali, it has gained ground among travelers that are not into partying hard, yet do not want to go straight to bed. They are mostly located on top of resorts and hotels buildings; however, some of them may allow tourists that are not staying in the hotel to enjoy of the rooftop bars.

They combine the modern design of western hotels with the natural beauty of Bali and awesome views of the bay. There are some others that are located on top of the cliffs. Seminyak is the main area where these local bars have succeeded. Here are your very best options to have fun and delight yourself: Rock Bar Bali and Smoqee in Jimbaran, Double Six, Haute, Grow Up, and Moonlite Kitchen and Bar in Seminyak zone; VH in Kuta and many others.

Bars and Pubs: Once again; Seminyak, Kuta and Legian are the most active areas when speaking about nightlife activities. Bars and pubs are many and varied in these villages. In Bali, beer is very famous; from their very own production Bintang to worldwide brands like Heineken.

And based on that, bars and pubs are often frequented by tourists looking for good places to have a great time. Wide venues are spread all over the island, where different services such as food and music ambiance may vary, from sports bars to Irish and English alike pubs; prices may be higher in some places, yet you can always find a good place to warm up for the night.

SKAI, Romeo’s Bar, Mama’s, and Posers Pub located around Legian; HQ, Gracie Kelly’s, and Stark Beer Garden in the famous Kuta; Old Man’s Beer Garden in Canggu village; Nyoman’s Beer Garden is the most concurred in Nusa Dua. All those bars and pubs will guarantee cold beer and a great environment.

Spectacles in Bali

on the island, arts are not a recent matter; there are convenient activities to enjoy during your vacation trip, a couple of them are intimately related with the Balinese culture which makes it a very interesting way to get to know the heritage of the island in a perfect combination with artistic influences.

Theatre shows: a fascinating trend is gaining more ground in the recent time, as it combines theatre performances with traditional cuisine from Bali. Mainly, they work in outdoor restaurants or dining rooms wherein every table has a view of an amphitheater where live shows are performed during the dinner service.

On the other hand, a classic style of theatre can be easily found on the island. The main villages of Bali like Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Legian and others with theater venues to offer different shows during the week.

Traditional dancing: they represent an important part of live performances on the island. They are presented both in outdoors spaces, by using ancient temples as the background or even in modern theatre establishments with all the cultural costumes.

Several topics are the inspiration of these performances, all of them include Bali’s rich culture through folktales, Buddhist and Hindu stories, all represented by an exotic combination of music, dance, and drama.

A couple of places are used for the performances of dancing spectacles, the Uluwatu Temple Amphitheatre being the main one. Gianyar and Nusa Dua also have their own theatre wherein several shows are performed every week.

Live Music: in the majority of bars, clubs and discos spread all around Bali, techno and electronic music are played loudly all night long; there are unique venues in which live music has space.

Maybe you will not connect Bali with Jazz, R&B, Blues or Latin music, yet it is possible. And locals have found an emergent market to offer opposite experiences in comparison with the ones everyone is expecting from the island.

Laughing Buddha Bar in Ubud opens their mics every night to bands of Jazz and Blues; Zibiru Restaurant accompanies its Italian menu with an especial selection of Jazz live music too. In Single Fina cliff-top bar of Uluwatu, every Sunday is dedicated to rock.

Cabaret shows: undoubtedly, glitz and glamour will be immediately added to your evening by attending one of the plenty cabaret shows that are performed every week on the island. Cabaret comes in several tastes here in Bali; from the classy group of glamorous girls to eccentric drag queens in LGBTQ friendly venues.

Also, the places wherein you can enjoy this type of shows may vary a lot; from small cruises around the island to watching the performances and dining before heading back to your hotel and traditional Cabaret bars with stages designed for these types of shows.

More places to visit

Street markets: multitudes walking around the halls when hundreds of stands form in the streets. These markets work at night and give you a flawless spot to buy, meet and eat for an incredibly low price.

They are known as Pasar Senggol and there you can find almost everything you can imagine; from cliché souvenirs such as magnets and shirts, to traditional snacks for your own delight. Unique items from Balinese culture are shown in the stands and keep in mind that bargaining is totally fair. Sanur, Gianyar, Kuta, and Seminyak have the most popular ones on the island, you should give them a chance.

Bowling: just in case you want to show your skills and have a great time beating your friends, a couple of Bowling centers are dotted on the island. there, you can rent all the needed equipment, shoes and bowling balls.

These venues also offer services for food and drinks, so good times are absolutely guaranteed! Strike Bowling in Kuta and Canggu are your very best options to play a match or maybe two.

Safety at night

Being carefull will always help you to stay safe; precaution is never bad, and it works in every part of the world. However, going out at night in Bali may represent exposing you to some dangers. Based on that, we want you to be aware of the main risks around you and the safety considerations you must take into account to be safe in your journey.

Thefting: Happily, Bali is not famous for being a violent place; rates of crime are considerably low, given the fact that around 4 million of travelers visit the island each year. Moreover, from time to time pickpocketing and thefts are done not only by locals, yet some foreigners take advantage of the great number of visitors, especially at night in touristic zones.

Kuta is one of the areas wherein thefts take place in relevant frequencies, as tourists go out by night to drink and have fun, it means they carry money and valuable things with them, making them an easy target for pickpockets and thieves.

Also, going out and partying is in almost every case linked with drinking; when you drink, some of your senses can be affected by alcohol effect, it leads to being less alerted and easily attacked. If you get involved in a situation like this, do not argue or fight with the thief; the very best option is to let them go and not put yourself in more danger.

Drugs in every corner: Kuta and neighboring areas like Seminyak and Legian are constant places chosen by drug vendors to make their sales; the most frequent drugs they sell are marijuana and mushrooms. As you may know, drugs in Bali are illegal and local regulations are extremely strict about this matter.

If caught when buying or possessing drugs, high fines and going to jail can be your results. On the other hand, some others may work in a different way: putting drugs in your drink and then following you back to your hotel so they can take your belongings away or worse.

In addition, there is a really dangerous alcoholic drink that you and your group should avoid. It is called Arak and it is locally manufactured and is a product of distilled rice; what makes this drink so risky is the lack of regulations in its production; a simple mistake in the preparation process and it can be really poisonous.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to differentiate between a well-produced bottle of Arak and a dangerous one by smell, color or taste; yet, drinking not well-prepared Arak can cause brain damage, heart attacks and sudden death.

Prostitution: it is really common on the island, and the main places are where you can find it, it is precisely around the main streets of each town and inside bars and clubs at night. Once again, this type of business is totally illegal in Bali; yet not only legal matters should be taken into consideration here.

Both men and women practice prostitution acts on the island, and health concerns should come to your mind; one of the principal ways of getting HIV is by having sexual contact with promiscuous people, which you definitely do not want as a memory of your time in Bali.

Briefly, this majestic island is a wonderful place that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Bali is the gem of Indonesia’s crown, full of wonders to be discovered, flavors to be tasted and cultures to be recognized.

No matter which kind of traveler you are, Bali will please all your desires without any effort. Memories of your daytime fun there will be special, yet the ones that occur by night are the wildest.

And we are ready to transport you to amazing places where you can make your well-cherished memories.

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