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20 Best Things to Do in Bali

20 Best Things to Do in Bali
8 January 2018

There is no doubt about Bali’s beauty, this island is the perfect image of paradise; with all the natural wonders it has in a flawless combination of nice weather, kind people, and the best environment to enjoy your vacations.

There is a myriad of reasons why people from all over the world keep choosing this majestic island as their destination, we cannot discuss that Bali has thousands of places and activities to please everyone’s desires.

When we tried to select 20 things to do it was not difficult at all, Bali has much more than 20 things to make your vacations unforgettable; yet, if you want to know which part of the task was the hardest, it definitely was the one where we had to pick only twenty from the large list of wonders in Bali.

Some travelers who really want to get to know the entire island even spend weeks or months in there. It is true that Bali is not precisely a big land, yet it is compound of multiple regencies where there are many interesting places to visit and existing activities to do.

We did our best while compiling this short list of things we strongly believe you cannot miss during your journey on this astonishing island. We want to make it clear that the order does not mean that one is more important than another, is just a way to compile them all.

1. Go Surfing in Kuta

Keep in mind that the very first popularity Bali gained was related to this aquatic sport, which means that practicing surfing on the island is definitely something you must do. The South Area of Bali is the most looked by surfers as the beaches in this zone are flawless spots to show their skills on the board. Kuta Beach is the main area and the most popular beach on the entire island.

Surfing is great in this bay of white sand and crystal waters, as the beach doesn’t have shaped coral reefs, which makes it not dangerous for beginners. On the beach, you can rent all the equipment and even pay for some lessons.

2. Watch the sunset

This natural act is capable to take your breath away in few seconds. Bali has many cliffs where you can catch the best views of the sunshine and sunset. Do not forget to take some pictures as the spectacle totally deserves it.

Right on the beach or over a cliff, sunsets in Bali are just magical and really hard to describe with words. The western coast of the island is one of the best places to do it; temples like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu are just flawless too. Beaches like Kuta, Petitenget, Tegalwangi, Jimbaran, Lovina, and Canggu are also some of the most awe-inspiring places to stare at the sunset.

In the island, rooftop bars are spread all around, get early there so you can delight yourself with the view before starting the party.

3. Visit the Temples

Buddhist temples are dotted all over the island, exotic locations included. They are a total must as they are a very important part of the Balinese culture. Tanah Lot Temple is undoubtedly the most famous in the island, and maybe this is due to its location; on top of a huge rock and surrounded by the sea.

Uluwatu Temple is also located in an extravagant place, just on the edge of a cliff in Bukit. Besakih Temple is the largest one in Bali, compounded by 18 separated temples. There is no point of discussion that visiting some of them is an extremely valuable part of your journey in Bali.

4. Practice Yoga

This ancient practice is very famous on the island, and it is a really good one if you’re looking for relaxation and releasing stress. If what you are seeking in Bali is peace and a gateway from day to day concerns, Yoga is by far your very best option.

This incredible way to ease your mind is available in several places around the island; from hotels that include spas and yoga instructors, to private classes in places such as the Yoga Barns. It is located in Ubud and is one of the most popular yoga retreats in Bali.

There is another great spot to do this activity, which is the Secret Garden of the Divine Mother in Kuta, where you will definitely place your mind in a blank state.

5. Hike Mount Batur

You definitely have no idea of how gorgeous a sunrise can be until you stare at it at the top of an ancient volcano. This is exactly what you can do when trekking the Mount Batur.

There are guided tours that offer this package, starting at 4 am the climb to get to the top of the mountain right before the sunrise. Picture yourself, hiking at one of the most ancient volcanos in the zone, and once you reach 1717 meter above sea level, you will enjoy the astonishing views and end up with the most beautiful sunrise ever.

6. Visit Ubud

This lovely town is known for being the heart of Bali’s culture. Actually, it is considered as one of the most important cultural centers of Indonesia. It compiles the majority of art galleries and markets of the island.

The town is surrounded by lush forests and lovely rice paddies that deserve being photographed. This pretty area of the island can easily make you forget that you are in a place where everything is supposed to be about beaches and surfing. Once you’re there, you will not regret leaving the coast for a few days; Ubud has many interesting places to visit. From markets to traditional rituals practiced in the streets, and of course the Monkey Forest.

7. Spend the day in the Monkey Forest

This incredible forest is located in Ubud’s main center. This place is the home to the largest and most famous amount of long-tailed macaque monkeys. Activities in this place are several and varied; from scientific investigations to spiritual and cultural aspects.

In this forest, monkeys are the highlight and they absolutely know it, they are used to be surrounded by tourists and they do their best to delight visitors: being lazy in a tree branch, eating bananas right in front of you, or even take a walk with you around the place.

Keep in mind that monkeys are very intelligent and for them, visitors are a synonym of food, avoid carrying plastic bags with you as they will not think twice before climbing at your back to try to steal your food.

8. Meet the rice paddies

Bali has been recognized by its rice terraces for centuries; some experts say that the irrigation system they used nowadays was created in the 8th century. They are not only very useful for the livelihood of the island, also the views you get from the terraces are just amazing.

Ubud has the majority of these rice terraces in the island, Pejeng, Champuhan, Tellagalang and Tabanan regions also count with some of them. Without any doubts, visiting one of these places will put you in touch with the Balinese culture while you fall in love with the beauty of every scene.

9. Have fun at the Treetop Adventure Park

Located at Bedugul, this park is just perfect to spend the day challenging yourself and others in one or many of the 72 treetop challenges. This plan is great for a family trip, attractions are designed for a wide age range: from children older than 4 years to adults.

It is totally safe to climb in the trees because a life-line support is attached to you during the entire circuit. In addition, from the top of the trees, you will get an amazing panoramic view; circuits are available from 2mt to 20mt height giving each one the right to choose how daring they want to feel.

10. Practice Jetpack

We already know that aquatic sports are one of the main attractions on the island; however, not everything is related to surfing. In Tanjung Benoa you can practice almost any aquatic sport, yet this new trend has gained a lot of popularity in the area.

Picture yourself living the experience of flying over the sea, impress everyone around with your skills and take the most awesome pictures. In this bay, locals rent all the needed equipment for relatively low prices; in case it is your first time doing this, some of them offer lessons to help you out.

11. Dive in Padang Bai

It is located on the east side of the island and, it is famous for the rich sea life around the shore. Travelers love this bay to do scuba diving and swim around the myriad schools of fish in the coral reef.

It is not necessary to carry all the equipment with you as you can rent it right in the bay, some tours offer a short boat trip from the bay to get to the best spots. There are more than 5 areas where the experience will leave you speechless.

Not only fishes can be found in Padang Bai, octopus and pygmy seahorses can also be seen under the water, and if you’re lucky enough; you will maybe catch a glimpse at the sea turtles and sharks.

12. Spend the day in Waterbom

Waterbom Park is one the most concurred places to have fun with a family or friend group plan. This place is located in South Kuta, near the Discovery Shopping Mall, its location is really easy to get to. Once in here, all you have to do is have fun.

The biggest park in the island counts with several waterslides with different heights for both children and adults, swimming pools and flow riders to have the best day of fun. Moreover, many restaurants and cafés are inside this park so you can have a very good meal and spend the entire day in there.

13. Bali Zoo and Marine Park

This place is a total must in your journey around Bali. There is a myriad of activities to do in this Park, it compiles the largest combination of flora and fauna in the entire island, and some of them are very rare or are under danger of extinction.

Hundreds of animals from more than 60 species, with a couple of unique ones like the Komodo dragon and Bali Starling. Here, you can have a trail ride to discover all the animals that live in the park or get closer to the aquarium to see the sea animals. Moreover, it is not all about animals in here; restaurants, cafés, and even an aquatic park belong to this wonder.

14. Discover the hidden waterfalls

Bali is an island, yet not everything has to be related to salty sea water; this majestic island is the home to plenty breathtaking waterfalls hidden into the lush forest. Some of them are really close while some others will require more effort to reach them.

However, no matter which one you pick, beauty and fun are guaranteed. By trekking 15 minutes into the forest, you can find the stunning Sekumpul waterfall. Other outstanding waterfalls includes Melanting Waterfalls (Munduk), Gitgit Waterfall (Singaraja), Tegenungan Waterfall (Ubud), Nungnung Waterfall (Nungnung) and many others.

Locals offer guided tours to these destinations where you can splash in the fresh water that falls in the middle of the forest.

15. Try the seafood of the island

The perfect combination of fresh seafood and Indonesian flavors is one of the main attractions of Bali. It is true that restaurant chains and western influences have touched the island, yet locals work all over the place offering their authentic tasty meals.

The south coast of Bali is famous for having several options right on the beach. What makes the gastronomy in here so good is the simplicity it has, there are no concerns about luxury or fancy presentations. However, nothing tastes better than a fresh fish and shrimps served into a coconut husk accompanied by rice and local spices.

16. Stare at the dolphins in Lovina

Lovina beach is not precisely famous for the beauty of the bay, the dark colored sand does not attract tourists in the same way golden sands in the south area do. Nevertheless, Lovina beach has its own charm; this place emanates pure peace, and ideal to avoid crowds.

In addition, people who visit Lovina comes for an important reason: watching the dolphins. These amazing animals live nearby this coast; locals offer early morning boat trips to watch the dolphins swim around the boat. Do not forget to take your camera with you.

17. Visit the markets

Bali has multiple markets dotted all around the villages; from art, food, and souvenirs markets. They are really good places to get in touch with locals and their culture. Almost every village on the island has its own market so you do not need to go to a specific town to visit one.

By the way, the Ubud Market is not only famous by the myriad of objects and food you can find in there, yet by the famous movie Eat, pray, love which has a scene recorded in this iconic market.

18. Go to a theatre

Bali has plenty of cultural places to watch cultural acts; both indoors and outdoors spaces are created and used to perform. Almost all the type of acts presented in Bali are related to the local culture which makes it a great way to know the heritage of the island well mixed with artistic influences.

There is a recent trend in which traditional food is accompanied with artistic performances; in this type of shows, you buy a ticket for a show and dinner will be included, they often combine the plates with the type of show you are going to watch to offer you the best experience.

19. Have dinner in Jimbaran

Jimbaran is a lovely town, mostly known by local fishermen that live in the area. The inhabitant of Jimbaran work every day fishing in the bay to get the freshest fish possible that is later sold in the small restaurants.

Undoubtedly, this place is a must for experiencing the delicious Balinese gastronomy. Even when this bay is not often picked as an area to stay; many visitors come at night to Jimbaran just to eat dinner in one of these restaurants.

20. Enjoy the nightlife

The south area of the island has a vivid nightlife; many restaurants, bars, pubs, and discotheques are open until really late every night. Kuta is particularly popular for the wild nightlife, younger visitors love this place to party all night.

Based on whatever you like, you will find a place –or more- to have fun and socialize with travelers from all around the world.

Undoubtedly, this list is very short in comparison with all the amazing things Bali has to offer to millions of visitors that come every year to the island. However, what we can truly ensure you is that there is no way someone gets bored of this place.