Travel Date
Adult (>9 yrs)
Child (2-9 yrs)
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Travel Tips

Before You Travel

Print out your e-ticket
This is very important because most ferry operators want to see your printed
confirmation. In some cases, a smartphone or tablet display is not enough.

Print you pier information
When you're sure about how to get to the pier on the day of your travel,
you'll be confident and ready.

Double-Check Your Travel Details
It's easy to forget an important detail, or to make a mistake regarding a pier
address or boat name. Be well prepared.

Pack smart and travel light
Unlike airports, there's no trolleys for your bags. Some piers require you to
walk a short distance so keep your baggage portable.

Pack travel sickness tablets just in case
Boats are big and the sea is mostly smooth, but its good to be prepared just
in case some ferry motion is making you feel nauseous.

Call us to confirm (one day before)
It enables us to reconfirm that you are still traveling, and we can answer any
last-minute questions you may have.

On the Day

Arrive Early (at least 30 minutes)
So that you can check in, familiarise yourself with the pier, locate your boat,
get a nice seat, and relax. Why rush?

Use Sunscreen & Lip Balm
Sunburn's not fun so get protected. The sun's intensity increases with the
glare off the water, and some piers are unsheltered.

Clothing Advice
Dress comfortably as you would for a sunny day. Remember it can get windy
up on deck and wear seaworthy footwear.

We Recommend You Take…
Your passport for ID, enough money to spend, sunglasses for the glare,
a camera for pictures, binoculars for the view, your own water bottle.

Don't Take With You…
Flammable liquide, fireworks, anything explosive, expensive jewellery, drugs,
anything resembling a weapon, etc.

After the Day

Lost Valuables - Call Us
Try not to panic, we know the ferry operators well and who to call on your
behalf. If your property is still there, we'll help you find it.

If you have any comments on your trip, we'd like to hear from you.
Visit our Contact Us page and leave a note. We appreciate it.