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Nyepi Day of Silence and Seclusion

Nyepi Day of Silence and Seclusion Festival

Apart from the whole world, Bali celebrates the New Year on Nyepi Day.

The Nyepi or New Year Saka is undoubtedly the most important festival in Bali. Known as the Day of Silence, it is a celebration in which people retire to their homes, practice meditation and do completely nothing. It is a day when practically everything is paralyzed which makes the streets almost empty and no one can step outside their home premises.

This a unique day that you can only witness in Bali, and it shows an interesting part of Indonesia’s culture with the creation of some paper-maché mythical figures paraded in the streets.

Date: 22 March 2023
Location: All Locations

Date 22 March 2023
Time N/A
Locations All Locations
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