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Types of Accommodation In Bali

Types of Accommodation In Bali
14 Февраль 2018

Why come to Bali? Bali is a really enchanting Island of endless experiences that you are not going to find anywhere else. Bali has a great reputation for satisfying its visitors as it has great beaches visited by tourists around the world, a rich culture, history, shops, bars, restaurants and a lively nightlife suitable for couples and young groups. Bali receives every year more than 3 million visitors during high season; August, September, and December to January. During the other months, the season is low and we can get special discounts due to hotels being at fifty percent capacity.

Bali is truly a beautiful experience. and to stay on the island, we have to know some points that are important as it is not that easy to look for accommodation in Bali. There are plenty of choices from the best luxurious hotel resort to the humble bungalow on the beach. It can bring you a headache when looking for accommodation in Bali, even if it is the first or tenth time we come to visit this enchanting island. Don’t know what to choose? Nusa Dua or Ubud, well there are many alternatives to choose from. Bali is a great tourist destination receiving thousands of visitors from the world, the Balinese are so nice and have a great experience treating the tourists, so you will be delighted staying in one villa or bungalow in Bali.

Budget and Cheap Accommodation in Bali

You do not need to fork out hundreds of dollars to get decent accommodation on this Island. Bali has everything for you to enjoy from luxurious small hotels and to shops, restaurants and bars. The best areas to stay in if you are on a budget are; Legian, Ubud and Kuta.

These places for sure have the best deals to look for, from luxurious hotels and resorts to the humble small villas that satisfies all budgets in all shapes and sizes. In Bali, we can find scattered all around the homestays and guesthouses the Pekarangan and family rooms. Here you are going to feel comfortable as the Balinese are so hospitable, they are uniquely lovely. If you are staying in Ubud, you better bring a jacket just in case, as it is a little cooler than the other places.

If you love the beach and want to stay near the sand, you have Uluwatu or Canggu with good accommodation that satisfies all budgets, you can even find some lodges scattered around the beach. Sanur is still a good place to feel more relaxed than have a lively nightlife but we have Legian, Uluwatu, Kuta and Canggu which are excellent places to get everything you want during your holiday.

Each place on Bali is different and unique and this gives us the chance to create our very own custom vacation experience. We can stay in hostels that are really cheap, in a homestay that is operated by the owner between a hotel and a hostel, in a variety of hotels from five-stars to the humble ones, in villas of one or three rooms with private bathroom or finally, we can stay in a camp. Pack your bags and come to Bali! Let’s start our journey with.

Where to stay in Canggu?

Sanur Area

Sanur is a stretch of beach in Bali, a perfect place to experience Bali with a great variety of accommodations available for everyone at reasonable prices.

In this area, started a lot of accommodations that have not disappeared with the construction of new resort chains, although it still keeps the traditional charm and offers a relaxing atmosphere with an eclectic mix of restaurants, and shops that make it a touristic destination for any kind of holidays goers.

Sanur is also so close to Amed and Cadi Dasa which are other parts of the Island perfect for day trips and is just thirty minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Homestay offered by Nincy, in Canggu

This is a homestay villa including a pool in Canggu. It is so close from Echo Beach and Batu Bolong. This villa is in a tropical garden that provides a poolside room having a private bathroom, microwave, an air-con, TV, sofa and a kingside bed at a real low price with five-star luxuries. This villa is really good for those tourists who are escaping from the crowd to a relaxing tropical scenery. At Nincy, you can rent a bike for exploration of nearby places and sights such as a temple perched on a small extension of rocks and Tanah Lot.

Saren Guesthouse

Saren Guesthouse features large modern refurnished bedrooms with WI-FI, private suite and breakfast. Saren Guesthouse offers Balinese traditional massages and this is a place that is so close to the real treasures of Canggu and with a price like this, how could you refuse?

Fri Hotel at Echo Beach

Frii Hotel is not a place just to stay at night, it is a hotel where you can experience, have fun and make good friends. This place is perfect for a group of friends, mates, young couples so close to the beach to surf, as it is a beautiful location near the popular Echo Beach even for all the family where you can pick out rooms with a private pool that looks over the sea if you prefer so.

Sedasa Lodge in Berawa

We could say that this is a five-star service hotel with only ten spacious rooms in Berawa. It offers guaranteed personalized attention. It is the new kid on the block, clean, charming and really modern featuring a rooftop terrace with beanbags to admire the yellowish sunset as well as a bar to attracts those who love Balinese cooking. Sedesa lodge offer extra service such as picnics, biking on the beach, surf lessons, and Yoga to keep you in good shape.

Kuta and Legian

Kuta is the most visited area in Bali and the most well-known for tourism. Most people love Kuta/Legian and every year it is receiving thousands of visitors from around the world even the school goers who are replacing some attractive tourist areas in Australia with lively Kuta streets. In this place, you are going to find big malls, famous markets to buy or sell whatever you want like crockery, jewelry. Here you can stay at excellent places like Hard Rock hotel or the Holiday.

Where to stay in Kuta/Legian?

Tenang House

Tenang house is so close to the beach and is operated by a local Legian family with a good sense of showing and conserving the Balinese way of life with love. This house features modern and new rooms with hot water, air-con and everyday towels.

Dekuta Hotel

This is a serious budget hotel, just some steps from the well-known Kuta Beach. It is a place where we are not going to complain at the price, after all, we get what we pay for. Dekuta Hotel features rooms that surround the pool, with a floor made of wood, balcony and a great social area too. You will find there a fabulous bar with a South American atmosphere, excellent vibe with a mix of food from Asia and Europeans flavors.

Green Graden Hotel

This is a really popular and famous hotel in Bali. It is a premier option owned and operated by a family offering more than 28 comfortable rooms overlooking the big pool and just some minutes from the beach at a really great price.

Kumpul Kumpul Villa

Kumpul Kumpul Villas are offering private villas with one to four rooms. These rooms have their own private bathrooms, a pool and a relaxing garden even a kitchen at affordable prices. Kumpul Villas has three names and locations; Kumpul Kumpul I Double Six, Kumpul Kumpul II Legian, and Kumpul III Seminyak.

Bliss Surfer Hotel

Bliss hotel is another hotel that takes things seriously from the benches in the rooms to the surfboard-shaped tables in the bar. It is a great option as it is so close to the airport, just 15 minutes away. Bliss Surfer Hotel features a huge swimming pool to relax all day long, excellent for a person or for the complete family with a large bed with double bunk.

Where to stay in Sanur Area?

Jimbaran Bay

This is a place you will become infatuated with the minute you experience the sunset and taste the seafood BBQ at one of the local warungs near the beach, Jimbaran Bay has beautiful resorts such as InterContinental or Four season and it is next to the Bali’s International Airport and conveniently many people finish their vacations here.

This village offers a great variety of comfortable accommodation on the island, making sure that you are always going to find the perfect one that satisfies your budget and Jimbaran provides more private areas that give you the privilege to escape and find some tranquility and peace.

Private Villa Rooms with Sally

If you are looking for a mediocre place to stay, you should select Private Villa Room with Sally, she does not only offer you her hospitality, but her insight knowledge of Bali. Here the rooms have their own entrance with fridge, air-con, and a queen or king-sized bed and other amenities inside the home. This private villa is so close to restaurants and shops of Samur and is just a ten-minute walk from the beach. Sally provides rooms with pools where you can relax throughout the day.

Puri Kelapa Garden Cottage

Pure Kelapa Garden is so close to Sanur beach, just some minutes away. It features a central pool and restaurant, here we can rent a bike to get to know near sights. It offers stand-alone bungalows and standard rooms each one with a private bathroom. It has a lush green garden perfect for taking time to relax, especially because of the Garden Cottage’s chill atmosphere.

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur offers four-star accommodation to satisfy any standards with a sophisticated and contemporary living. It features an innovative design that attracts all audiences with 125 rooms available. It is a little pricey but with some web’s offers, we can have better prices.

Where to stay in Jimbaran Bay?

Puri Bambu Hotel

This is a really comfortable hotel so close to the International Airport. It has fifty different rooms equipped with everything to keep guests satisfied and have an easy stay. If you want to stay connected to the world, you should get a room upstairs near the restaurant as the Wi-Fi is not so good.


Uluwatu area is so beautiful with astonishing cliff views of the ocean sea, this is the most attractive surfing spot of Bali. Here you can find accommodation suiting all budgets from a luxury five-star hotel to a beach shack.

Where to stay in Uluwatu?

Hidden Valley Resort

These resort villas are built using eco-friendly materials and teak-wood.

It provides luxurious room with Jacuzzis as well as standard rooms and suites, two-story villas with a general pool access, so close to the beach with a tranquil atmosphere and attractions close by.

Nusa Dua Area

Nusa Dua is a great community on the Island of Gods with perfect gardens and astonishing green lawns and the world high-class accommodation.

Where to stay in Nusa Dua?

Swiss-Belhotel Segara

This is a five-star hotel, self-described as an affordable luxury hotel with about 150 rooms and two huge swimming pools, coffee shops, spas, gyms and more to make your stay unforgettable.

Ubud Area

Ubud was put in front the world’s eyes by the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts. Here we can find the five-star resort with a lush green tropical surrounding it, having a price range from the high class to the mid-range budget. Ubud is a real rich area in culture and history and we can find art shops and many historical and religious sights there as well.

Where to stay in Ubud?

The Yoga Barn Guesthouse

This is a special place for yogis visiting the Island where you can take up yoga classes at the Yoga Barn Guesthouse. It provides private rooms and four-bed dorms in a traditional Balinese design. Here we can meet people from all over the world at the Barn’s café.

Let’s visit Kerobokan & Seminyak

Kerobokan and Seminyak have a lively cool trendy vine, many bars lining the streets where something is always happening. This area is always lively so you can be up till really late for a snack, beer or ice-cream for further delight in the midst of warm nights. Some areas in Seminyak have been developed to offer accommodation for everyone, bars like Potato Head or Ku De Ta, villas, hotels, boutique shopping that satisfies all budgets.

Where can you stay in Seminyak?

Canggu an Echo Beach

Canggu an Echo Beach is drawing many tourists recently. It is a place a little far from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak and Kuta.

If you are looking for a little peace, this is the perfect place to stay with a beach of ten kilometers and many accommodations along villages like Mengening, where many expats are used to living.

Canggu features many astounding beaches and long fields of rice lined with beautiful villas and homes. Nowadays it is an attractive and popular location in Bali with cafés, shops, restaurants to keep the visitors satisfied and entertained.

Seminyak Clio Apartments

They are some apartments right in the midst of Seminyak with a minimalistic aesthetic. There are fourteen different rooms such as penthouse apartments, lofts and deluxe studios as well as studios at good prices, there is no pool of course, just head down and you will find the famous Double Six Resort for a relaxing dip.

Seminyak Lagoon Bali

This Hotel has 19 suites and each one provides access directly to a long lagoon. there the sheets are of Egyptian cotton, if we are going to mention one luxurious feature at a very reasonable price.

The rooms provide modern and convenient technology to make you feel comfortable from a DVD player to an TV Android.

You will notice Seminyak Lagoon being so close to Mama San, a restaurant where you can go for cocktails or dinner.

Gusti Homestay

Visitors eulogize the welcoming that the honorable owner of this place gives to his guests. It is very cheap, but clean and simple even humble satisfying the visitors with six guests rooms all with private bathrooms, air-con, a terrace, Wi-Fi and hot water. At Gusti Homestay, we can have a stupendous Balinese breakfast that is included and one of the best services of Bali.

Brown Feather Hotel

Brown Feather provides unique accommodation in Seminyak with only sixteen rooms classified into three themes. The Magena rooms provide this package; a suite with a pool overlooking the rice fields. The Ahusaka with rooms on the first floor and attractive décor with bright wooden in earthly colors. The Halona has bigger rooms overlooking the rice fields and a pool next to them. Every room has a private bathroom and air-con that will make you feel like a king.

We do not only have you covered accommodation wise but also transportation wise!

Book your ferry and roam around the amazing Balinese islands in the most efficient and enjoyable way!