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Trip from Ломбок to Гили Траванган

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The Annual Kites Festival

The Annual Kites Festival

1 Июль 2023 - 1 Август 2023

The Kites festival is a major event that’s held annually between July and August in the island of Bali.  Where Hundreds... Подробнее

Makepung Buffalo Races

Makepung Buffalo Races

15 Июль 2023 - 15 Ноябрь 2023

This amazing tradition Located in Jembrana in the west of Bali is a big deal in the town. It has official and formal championships... Подробнее

Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesian Independence Day

17 Август 2023

17th of August documents the historical independence day of the world’s favorite country “Indonesia”, as a result of... Подробнее

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