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The Best Beaches of Bali

The Best Beaches of Bali
13 Декабрь 2017

Bali is without a doubt a place that deserves to be visited at least once in life. Being one of the most famous islands in the world and Indonesia’s superstar island should give you a clue about how astonishing this paradise island can be.

This “Island of the Gods”, as known in the local language, has fairly gained that name. The meaning of paradise comes in many versions here in Bali, from ancient religious temples located in places you cannot imagine to shiny and powdery sand surrounded by crystalline blue water, astonishing waterfalls lost into lust forests, merely amazing rice paddies, and breathtaking ancient volcanoes.

Let’s be clear! Bali has tons of incredible spots to fall in love with yet, the most claimed here are the beaches; tourists are totally right, Bali’s beaches are so awesome that trying to describe them with words is far from being enough. However, we are going to do our best to show you the Top 10 of the Most Awe-Inspiring Beaches Located in Bali.

Jimbaran Beach

It is located in one of the most accessible places in Bali; this amazing bay is in the southwestern area, right in the isthmus between the mainland and the peninsula. Picture a calm beach, with very few tourists that have the most stunning blue waters from your toes to as far as your eyes can see, that is exactly Jimbaran.

In this island, tranquility is a very important requirement when choosing a place to go and, in an inspiring beauty like Jimbaran; peace is totally guaranteed; it is so peaceful that you will not remember that you are only 5 minutes away from Kuta Beach. Here, locals and tourists get along very well, restaurants sell extremely fresh fish and having dinner in one of them is absolutely a must.

This spot is admired by tourists for many reasons: its undoubted charm, the benefit of not having to share your space with crowds, the opportunity to spend the day enjoying the warm water, getting tanned, and maybe taking basic surfing lessons.

By the way, if you’re looking for something to fall madly in love with, sunsets in Jimbaran Beach will certainly do the job!

Kuta Beach

Definitely the most popular beach in Bali but maybe not the most loved one. Kuta is the greatest popular area of Bali, where the majority of hotels, restaurants, and bars are located; based on this fact, it can get way too crowded on vacation time. However, it is a place you cannot miss in your route through Bali. Kuta Beach has many and varied things to offer all along its sandy bay; the waves create a desired area for surfing, Australian tourists just adore it. Also, private surfing camps are common in the zone.

The powdery sand is perfect to lie down and sunbathe, and what about enjoying a refreshing cocktail from any bar nearby? The gastronomy you will find there is unbelievable; restaurant chains are easier to find these days while, locals do their best to please you in every bite, keep in mind that food is a big important part of the culture, do not go back home without tasting Bali’s flavors.

If you are searching for an extra fun time when the sun goes out, Kuta Beach nightlife is without any doubt what you are looking for; tourists all over the world go out at night to dance and feel the Caribbean vibe in the many bars placed on this beach.

Nusa Dua

Located on the south coast of Bali, this area is recognized for being the fanciest one of the island. The zone where the celebrities and millionaires choose to stay when visiting the gorgeous Bali. This spectacular beach is the region wherein the resorts are, so if you’re looking for an all-inclusive hotel, you will surely find it in Nusa Dua. There, every resort has its own portion of private beach; based on this, this beach is known as one of the calmest, secure, and cleanest beaches of South Bali. Even if your interests or budget don’t fit the criteria of a 5-star hotel, you still may have to pass by this beach.

Nusa is a 10 minutes-long ride from the airport, and 5 minutes away from Kuta Beach, the difference in between is giant. Very few tourists can be found in the zone. For the landscape; the blue water is serene and, on the beach, you can rent some parasol to protect yourself from the sunshine.

Services like restaurants to have lunch or dinner, as well as a glass of cocktail, are available too. These features make this majestic beach so eligible for families who want to enjoy the beach without worrying about the little ones. Nusa Dua is a frequent spot for paddle boarding and also for biking around the zone.

Padang Padang Beach

Or simply Padang beach is the place your surfer soul was looking for. Padang Beach is just exotic! Knowing about Bali is to know about Eat, Pray Love, and what if we told you that one of the romantic scenes in this remarkable movie was recorded under Padang full star night sky? This exotic beach is located in the north-western Bay of the Island. Getting there could represent a certain level of difficulty; however, it is totally worth it.

The beach is a hundred-meter long bay where waves wait for surfers to challenge them. This place is globally known as a surfing spot; locals have little stores in which they rent surfboards and other tools in case you didn’t bring yours, they can even give you some lessons too.

In addition, this place is not only for surfers, if you rather lying on the white sand, build sand castles, drink a beer, and dive in the warm water; you cannot miss Padang.

Here are two tips to know: pick this place only if you have experience in surfing, the waves here break over a coral reef and it can be dangerous for beginners, also, keep in mind that locals call this place Pantai Labuan Sait, just in case!

Lovina Beach

Also located in the Northwestern region, Lovina area is a 10 km long coast that combines many small villages, the biggest draw is focused on the village of Kalibubuk. This stunning beach is different from the south beaches in many aspects; here, the sand is not white and shiny but dark and volcanic instead. Waves are not wild though calmed. Sunsets are quite, followed by subdued nightlife that differs a lot from the famous Kuta Beach.

The special allure of Lovina Beach does not end in its bay, many tourists come to this place to take an early morning boat trip to watch dark skinned spinner dolphins swimming in front of the amazed tourists, and this majestic event happens almost all the year, less sighting happens between February and April, you can get directly to the beach and communicate with locals that do expeditions.

Lately, Lovina Beach has gained lots of mini bars and restaurants specialized in seafood, of course, which is perfect to delight yourself after diving and maybe snorkeling in the peaceful Lovina.

Seminyak Beach

It is pretty known as the twin sister of Nusa Dua because of the great amount of fancy villas and resorts in the area. However, this one is way more concurred than Nusa. The intention behind the development of Seminyak was precisely to give Bali a different side to attract other type of travelers, especially for the ones that don’t have plans of quitting comfort. In the very beginning of Bali’s boom, most tourists were looking for perfect spots to surf and no more. Nevertheless, it has enormously changed. Bali gained so much popularity among everyone, which made the hotel industry introduce the commodities that weren’t offered by the locals.

This is how in places like Seminyak, luxury, fashion and chic resorts are set to stay long. Five-star hotels, fashion boutiques, luxury spas, and chic restaurants are spread all over Seminyak beach. The coast of Seminyak has its natural enchant as well; from golden to dark sand, blue-green water, and a very nice weather are enough to attract visitors.

Apart from resorts, activities are various: aquatic sports can be practiced in Seminyak crystal blue water, horseback riding all around the bay to catch amazing views, watching the sunsets are something you must photograph; partying in a private beach club is a flawless spot to meet visitors from any place worldwide.

Legian Beach

Legian beach is probably considered the second most popular beach in Bali Island, its location next to Kuta Beach makes it a must visit spot after Kuta. In Sansak language, which is the spoken one by natives there, Legian means sweet; it may give you a hint about the splendor of this stunning place.

During the day, this beach receives tons of tourists without getting as crowded as Kuta; here, the bay combines powdery white sand with turquoise water in an approximately 3 km bay. Surfers tend to practice in the strong and steady waves and delight the viewers. If you are not into surfing, the middle part of this beach is a great spot to dive into the warm water, and you can always chill on the beach, sunbathe, and socialize.

When the sun goes out, nightlife takes place and here in Legian, it is absolutely extravagant! Music gets loud and many bars are open, offering from classy cocktails to Bingtan (a locally manufactured beer), people play soccer and volleyball on the sand and it is all about having fun. Even if the purpose of your trip is avoiding multitudes and seeking relaxation, Legian Beach is a place you have to visit at least once.

Sanur Beach

This charming spot is opposite from Kuta in every aspect. Located on the other side of the isthmus; Sanur Beach has not been modified by the tourism industry. It keeps being a fishermen village where the main essence of Bali is still alive. This beach is surrounded by serenity, in here you can get truly in touch with locals; they will serve you extremely well.

Again, different from Kuta Beach, most travelers who visit this zone come from Europe instead of Australia. The environment here is relaxed, even in the sea! A coral reef and some breakwater protect the bay, so waves here are far from being rough. This natural beauty is perfect for family and couple travelers who want to enjoy the tranquility of the beach. Sanur has really fine sand and water with thousand tonalities of blue.

The most popular activities you can do there are: windsurfing, snorkeling, renting a fishing boat from locals and trying to catch your own lunch, walking through a 5km path that rounds the beach to get awe-inspiring views of the ocean and many more. To sum up, Sanur was created to please all humans’ desires.

Dreamland Beach

This place is without any doubts one of the hidden gems of Bali’s crown. A narrow beach surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs. Located in the south area of the peninsula, on the way to Uluwatu temple, this breathtaking beach deserves that name unquestionably. 30 minutes away from Kuta and with easy access by motorcycles and bike, Dreamland beach is one of the best-saved secrets of the island.

Given the fact that this spot has cliffs around, it is very private. Crowds will not ever be found in here. However, it does not mean that Dreamland is an isolated beach, at all. It counts with all the basic services you may need; like a parking lot, restrooms, restaurants, and cafés. There, you can rent umbrellas, with a really good price from the locals, to keep you safe from getting insolated.

Dreamland also has a coral reef at the bottom; which makes it a flawless spot to snorkel and observe the astonishing sea life. On the other hand, if your plans are to stay by the sand, Balinese women walk through the bay offering massages with the same quality as an expensive spa, in case you want an extra dose of relaxation. Do not leave this beach without staring at the sunset from the sand, without it the dream will not be completed.

Blue Lagoon Beach

It is undoubtedly another untold secret of the island. Getting there can be a little bit harder because it is situated on the east side, an hour away from the main area of Kuta and near to Padang Bai Harbor. However; once you arrive, there is no way you will regret it.

This hidden paradise is both under and above water. It is very clean and calm, with considerably few visitors, that the entire ambiance emanates peace. The water is so sheer and serene in here that you can literally see underneath it without wearing a mask; maybe, because of that, this beach is known among the best places for snorkeling and observing the rich marine life.

The sand is an interesting mix between white and dark, or how locals say: salt and pepper; volcanic rocks are part of the environment too and, if you look closely, tiny crabs are all around them. Cliffs and very high palm trees make the beach way more private and keep you safe from the sunshine.

Services are available here too, from food and iced cold Bingtan beer to snorkeling equipment. And do not leave Blue Lagoon without tasting at least one bite of the red fruit from the cactus around the cliffs; it is fresh, sweet and delicious.

Bali is a lot more than Kuta Beach; it has been under the spotlight of travelers all over the world for the recent years based on many reasons, the gorgeous beaches are of course one of the most important ones. Some may say that this spectacular island has lost part of its charm because of the tourism industry yet, there will always be more to see in Bali.

Flawless landscapes are spread all over the island and their charms catch everyone who dares to visit them. No matter what kind of visitor you are, Bali has what you are looking for, from fancy villas with all-inclusive services to humble hostels in surfing camps; exclusive restaurants or local food, wild nightlife in parties, or serenity under the stars.

If you’re planning to book this astonishing place as your next parade for holidays, there are multiple options to get you between the islands there, including easy and cheap ones. Ferries come and depart daily from different harbors on the island. Keep in mind that given the fact that Bali is a much-frequented destination for Asian, European and Australian visitors; it can be hard to book during the vacation season. If you are not into crowded places; stay away from Kuta Beach area and book around Nusa Dua, as it tends to be more private and relaxing.

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