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Places in Bali - Ubud

Places in Bali - Ubud
4 Апрель 2018

Ubud is basically a must-visit in anyone’s Bali itinerary. If you want to know more about Bali, you should visit Ubud, this is an enchanting village just an hour drive from the most beautiful beaches settled in rice fields where you can appreciate the most of Bali. In Ubud you can find lots of things to do besides the common list; eat, walk, take yoga or a massage, so if you are a little more active, there are many things you can do there.

Places to see in Ubud

You will enjoy all the best places in Ubud, this is a tropical spot and the places are stunning like those green paradises that we dream to be revitalized in at their fabulous resorts, taste Bali’s cuisine and take part of the amazing activities in the village.

We are going to prepare you for your invitation to visit these places where you will enjoy an unforgettable stay.

What about renting a scooter?

If you want to see all Ubud attractions and places, we recommend renting a scooter, it is not really expensive and there many places around where you can rent one. They are serious rentals with no bad reputations. Be sure about having a helmet to see most of Ubud on a scooter safely. This is a great way to reach Ubud’s places.

Visit some Waterfalls

You are going be offered many tours that include waterfalls; the most beautiful are four waterfalls located a little far from Ubud, but they are about half an hour away, so you have to take a scooter or taxi.

They are; Tegenungan Waterfall, Dusung Kuning Waterfall, and Kanto Lampo and there is another one a little further called Nungnung Waterfall. The most popular one is Tegennungan.

Sometimes it gets crowded so you should go early in the morning to avoid crowds if you prefer so.

Here you can enjoy jumps from the cliffs about 10m high and be sure if the water level is high enough.

Waterfall Campo Lampo

Ubud is a tropical village and the weather is always hot and this is the place we can get rid of the heat, it is like swimming in the pool where the water splashing is smooth and it has some levels to lie on.

Dusun Kuning Waterfall

This is the least popular waterfall in Ubud just some 20 km away so close to Bangli. It is a cool spot because it is away from the crowds and is always empty for those who want to have peace and tranquility in a forest environment.

Include it on your list of visits!

Ningung Waterfall

One hour from the Ubud Palace about 35 km far, we can reach the coolest waterfall near Ubud. You can reach it by scooter and it will not be boring because you are going to pass through small villages and the scenic panorama is great.

When you arrive at Nungnung waterfall, you will see about 500 stairs that lead to the waterfall. It is a real hidden gem for getting rid of the tropical high temperature.

This is the perfect setting to be out of everything and feel like Tarzan in the jungle.

Tegalaran Rice Terrace

One of the most beautiful places in Bali, just twenty minutes away from Ubud is the Rice Terraces and we can reach them by scooter. We could say these terraces are important tourist attractions and probably one of the most photographed spots in Bali due to its stunning scenery.

Here you do not have to pay, but if you want to visit remote areas at the checkpoints, you should pay something. It is a must-see spot in Ubud. Do not miss it!

You could hike around the terrace and discover more. There are some sheds where you can get some coconuts, water or eat something special from local shops or setups.

Ubud, the place of coffee

In Ubud, there are many places where we can buy coffee. They, of course, are going to try to sell you coffee and if you love coffee, you could buy some, you are never going to find that price anywhere and the place is Bali Geo so, near to the Tegalalan Rice Fields.

They show you the farm or plantation and let you try some different savors and tea.

Coffee is so famous in the world and in Ubud is the place to taste a good one, walk through the farm and see what is the process to finally get that cup of coffee.

Let’s take a walk at Campuhan Ridge

This trail follows the Tchampuan River and you can walk through villages, forests, luxurious villages, rice fields, local houses and it offers a panoramic view over the green hill.

It is an easy natural trek, famous amongst tourists to the town of Ubud. It allows you to take fresh air from this gorgeous vista and of course, let you walk through nine kilometers.

If you are staying at Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas and Spa, you will have the best starting point to Campunhan Ridge Walk.

Just some steps from there, we can see the tropical verdant foliage.

Take a bike tour in Ubud

If you want to see and cover more of the country, you could join a group of cyclists on a tour, you really are going to enjoy it, but be prepared because riding a bike in a hill sometimes is not easy and we have to take the bike and walk.

So it is recommended to join a group and get the best secrets from the skilled guides.

Plus at the end, you can enjoy an exquisite lunch included in the tour.

Visit Monkey Forest

This is an interesting place to visit when we are walking around town. The monkey farm has many animals that people love playing with, but we have to be careful because some monkeys are the rudest and they sometimes like to steal what you have on.

Be careful about a scratch, they sometimes behave like cheeky bastards. There are always people trying to play with them, most of the time they end running away scared.

Do not try to interact so much with them because they can bite you or scratch.

Hide everything you have on, glasses, scarf, and bottles.

Take a rafting tour

So near to the city, downtown, we can find a rafting center where we can practice rafting with different grades according to the seasons.

Rafting could be a little pricey for many, but it could be really entertaining and challenging, choose a good agency, they include a drop-off and a pick-up and enjoy the white water of the rivers around.

What about Yoga

Yoga is considered by many a popular activity in Ubud and in the world. Yoga is really relaxing and if you have the chance to learn new postures it will be great for your well-being.

Many yoga fanatics are coming to Ubud to practice yoga and it is a popular thing in town, besides.

Ubud is well-known for its vegetarian food and the healthy scene that lots of people consider remarkable.

Take a day trip to Ubud

As we have seen, we have many places to visit in Ubud from the coffee farm to those spectacular waterfalls, so in Ubud, we can do countless of activities and find lots of tourist attractions that is pretty much a perfect place to stay for a day or two. In one day, you can do many things in this enchanting hidden place.

Resorts to stay in Ubud

There are many options here in Ubud, but we can recommend some five-star resorts where you can make your dreams come true. They are Maya Ubud and Padma Ubud which are kind of fancy and amazing places to stay.

Maya Ubud

It is really centered and shut from the noisy world because it is settled in a real tropical jungle and if you want this atmosphere, you should take this option. It features private pools with showers overlooking the green jungle around, so you will be secluded by a majestic environment with everything you need to enjoy nature.

Padma Ubud Resorts

Padma Ubud Resort is different in style and is the only resort in Bali that has the biggest pool and its water is heated overlooking the sea. This resort is about 20 minutes from Ubud and you can have the shuttle service for free. This is the place to enjoy the environment, the views, and the tropical atmosphere.

Places to eat in Ubud

It is kind of difficult to tell you where to eat in Ubud, as there are many new restaurants popping up constantly. We could recommend one that everybody talks about, it is Spice Restaurant that offers a good creative preparation for a real experience like tasting the local’s cuisine with a delicious flavor.

It is a little pricey, but it really has a different delicious taste in its food.

Tempeh Stake at AA. Juicery

It is a small place but it is really warm as it is run by a family and they try to satisfy those who really love vegetarian and healthy food. Here you are going to find a great variety of vegan food for everybody who loves tasting and those natural juices that have gained fame of being the best in town.

Let’s visit Lacavore

Lacavore was opened in 2013 and it is managed by two experts in the field who have the same vision. They created a unique dining scene with an up-to-date European cuisine adding to it the local ingredients following a west concept that has brought fame to this restaurant as one the best in town.

These owners keep a good relationship with the product producers to keep the quality and freshness of the ingredients chemical free and the meat from the animals fed under ethical and natural procedures.

You can taste the braised oxtail with gnocchi, eggplant puree, green asparagus, and barramundi, as well as pork preparations, so do not forget the passion fruit sorbet. It is open for lunch and dinner and booking is recommended.

Bridges Bali

Bridges Bali is known in Ubud as one of the most famous dining places in front of the river Campuhan. It features a dedicated space to wine in its multiple levels and inside you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere with elegant spaces furnished with sculpture, arts, and photographic gallery.

If you want to have a romantic dinner with candlelight and Western, Asian delicacies, this is the place in Ubud for you. There are many seating options and the most romantic ones, look for the corners in small nooks because lovers prefer to have an intimate space and viewpoints of green scenery. Here you can try barramundi fried in a pan and for starters a small amuse bouche with a slice of prosciutto.

Visit Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique

Mozaic restaurant features a mixture of Balinese, Indonesian and inspired by French cuisine to have a great result in the Bali’s dining gastronomy. This restaurant is hidden in the quieter area on Raya Sanggingan, just some minutes away from the Ubud center and is one of the best and award-winning garden restaurant in Ubud.

Mozaic features spacious and cozy dining space and also provides many dinners in a luxurious and attractive garden setting with its fresh French touch cuisine that includes exotic, local ingredients on a varied menu. A lounge is lit by old chandeliers with soft sofas and romantic table décor, offering that comfort space to have a cocktail or drink with tapas and delicacies.

Mozaic-Roska is included as signature cocktails with exclusive vodka and passion fruit juice and if you prefer to sit at a table with fire torches and rattan chairs.

The Menu includes seared from fresh water, yabbies, bluefin tuna fish all fresh market ingredients.

Visit CasCades at The Viceroy Bali

Viceroy Bali is a famous luxurious restaurant in Bali known for its romantic atmosphere and fabulous décor with high thatched roofs and amazing views of the virgin Petanu valley. The cuisine that you will find here is based on French cuisine with that touch of Asian combined with Balinese, Thai, and Japanese. The restaurant offers the three meals and the excellent high teas. CasCades as one of the best restaurants in Ubud provides full moon dinner and dance shows with local artists like Balinese Rijsttafed, these dances are performed monthly.

This is a romantic venue that should be considered for valentines to taste the chef’s finest selections like cheese with dried pear lavosh, chocolate almond marquise, a lamb rack with olive sauce, or marinated tomato with goat cheese mouse and herb oil.

Things we can do in Ubud

As you have seen, there are many things to do in Ubud and it is difficult to make a list of the activities. We can find many activities, excursions, beaches, backroads to discover and many others to explore in this stunning spot, a blessed place for everyone. Ubud is a great central upland, with many treasures of cultural landmarks that features majestic old royal palaces, ancient temples, marvelous panoramas with green rice fields that make this region so famous around the world and beautiful hillsides.

This should be your holiday destination if you are into Balinese culture with its crafts and arts that you can see in the most respectable museums around the world. The most of galleries and museums are on Jalan Raya Ubud, but we can visit some other attractions not so far from the downtown, such as Bali Safari & Marine Park or the Tegenungan Waterfall or others marvelous.

Visit Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah is a stunning archeological site in the south of Bedulu village where we can find a lot of historical sites. It is just a 6 kilometers drive from central Ubud and a one-hour drive from the Capital of Denpasar.

Goa Gajah is a cave from the 11th century where we can find rock-wall carvings as well as meditational site and outside on the perimeter we can admire a Hindu temple and a stunning pool with many fountains built back in 1954.

Visit Puri Royal Palace

The palace of the Ubud royal family is located just some minutes from Ubud Art market on Jalan Raya Ubud road and is considered one of the most prominent places and represents a landmark of Ubud. It was built in 1800-1823 during the lordship of Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel and it has been well-kept by his heirs.

This is a must destination where people come to visit Ubud area. It has well represented Balinese architecture and culture and is a place loved by locals who are interested in arts as one of the best places to observe dramatic Balinese dance performances The area of the front is opened to the visitors in general.

Taking photos and viewing inside are complementary and guides are well educated to assist the tourists’ inquiries about historical events as well as the place’s features.