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Makepung Buffalo Races

Makepung Buffalo Races Festival, Sport

This amazing tradition Located in Jembrana in the west of Bali is a big deal in the town. It has official and formal championships where the winner takes home “Piala Bupati” or the Governor’s Cup. The festival starts out usually in the month of July then it leads up to the finals with its festivities held in the middle of November. This tradition goes back to the legacy of the farmers of Jembrana, and a lot of things are going to be done in the festivities like Jegog bamboo orchestras and bull fashion shows. It is a very interesting festival with a guarantee that you will have the time of your life.

Date: TBA
Locatiion: Bali

Дата 15 Июль 2023 - 15 Ноябрь 2023
Время N/A
Locations Бали
Цена N/A