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The Islands near Bali in Spotlight - Lembongan

The Islands near Bali in Spotlight - Lembongan
30 marzo 2018

Bali is famous around the world as its culture has crossed borders. Balinese are friendly people who attract visitors around its territory, besides it is surrounded by many beautiful islands with a high development and remote areas where nature glitters with a virgin splendor. So, let’s hit the spotlight on one of these hidden gems; the paradise of Lembongan.

Nusa Lembongan

It is on the southeast coast of Bali and is the most popular attraction nowadays. Tourists looking for relaxing love this little gem as it is so close to Bali and in the same time away from the hassle of south Bali. In Nusa Lembongan, there are no hawkers and the traffic is not heavy enough to ruin the stunning scenery and the relaxation that many tourists are looking for. Here the water is really clear, maybe the clearest in Bali with a lively turquoise color.

Nusa Lembongan coast twisted roads invite the tourists to explore the island on foot. The green swamps, the tranquil beaches, algae fields like Jungut Batu and Dream Beach are the best way to experiment the nature of Nusa Lembongan. Here the crystal blue waters are perfect for surf and snorkel.

Walk through the yellow bridge to reach the next island named Nusa Ceningan and enjoy a spectacular sunset.

There is much we can do and see in Nusa Lembongan, it has a great collection of beaches with soft white sand, beautiful sunsets and stunning cliff viewpoints with sea views and on the horizon of one of the highest peaks there, in Mount Agung. Many attractions that go from mysterious and vague underground houses to swamps and green forests including those local villages of seafood farming representing their origin and ancestors.

Here we can have an amazing collection of surfing spots on the northwest coats, clear crystal water for divers and snorkelers, and southwestern great reefs with its beaches and close to its neighbor island Nusa Penida.

This is a small island and one day is enough to get the best of it, but a stay overnight will be prudent to fit everything to your vacation and itinerary.

How to get to Nusa Lembongan

There are two ways to reach Nusa Lembongan by small public boats which frequently leaves from Sanur Beach and the second way is by fast boats that depart from Benoa Harbor. These boats are always parked along the coast so close to Grand Inna Bali Beach. They leave at 8:00, but it depends on the tide and sometimes the departure times are imprecise.

We can find some other transfer services that offer luxurious catamarans and fast boats that we can take from Benoa Harbour with regular time departure of 9:00 or 10:30, and on these swift boats, we can enjoy comfortable rides and these companies include packages with leisure and activities that facilitate your stay on Lembongan.

Now we are going to talk about the most visited places in Nusa Lembongan.

Let’s visit Goa Gala-Gala

This is an underground house that represents the culture and history of the Balinese built in the section of the south-west of Lembongan, amongst the residential area of the central village.

It was completed by its owner in 1976 and is a unique manmade highlight that represents a series of labyrinth with connected chambers.

This house was built inspired by a story of the epic of the Mahabharata where the heroes of Pandawa found shelter by hiding in the cave after being persecuted by Korabas.

You can find it at Village of Lembongan, West of Nusa Lembongan Island.

Visit Dream Beach

This beach is ranked as the most famous holiday destination among the three Nusa Islands and it belongs to the collections of wonderful and quiet beaches with the stunning landscape that features low-lying limestone cliffs combined with the strong rock formation.

It is a hidden 115m stretch with white soft sand on the southwestern coast. We can be delighted by enjoying the breath-taking seascapes from the limestone cliffs edges with bird’s eyes views or go down to the sand and dig your feet.

Devil’s Tear visit

These outcrops are located in the south-west side of Nusa Lembongan and are so appreciated by the tourists as they are so scenic.

Amazing frothing waves that crash near limestone cliffs that greet you on an expansive ocean view.

To reach this beautiful scenic view go in the direction of south to the villages near the place that is called Mushroom Bay and check out the signs and posts for Devil’s Tear, West of Nusa Lembongan Island.

Visit Bali underwater scooter

Bali Underwater Scooter is a service company that provides everything you need to know about going down to the deep-water miracles of Bali. This company offers you a stunning garden in Nusa Ceningan’s waters, the base of this company is in Kuta, Bali on Jl. Setiabundi.

Once you have learned the basics of riding with the simple controls you will be cruising the underwater garden.

Bali Marine Walk

This Walk is located west of Lembongan just about 30km from Bali mainland.

There is a tour that can take you some meters underwater with special helmets that permit you to be submerged in the water, if you do not dive, this could be a great alternative to you.

Here in Marine Walk, there are good underwater activities for the one who love diving even if they are amateurs or experimented as this course focus on experience and perspectives to diving.

This is a real experience walking under the water with diverse marine life. View and interact with a world unknown for many of us.

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is an impressing rock formation located on southwestern cliffs edges in Nusa Penida, so close to the Broken Beach or Passih Urug which has unique limestone formations.

Angel’s Billabong is a scenic seascape as it has a stunning natural rock formation lagoon. We can reach the pools by descending for a soak or swim just on low tide. These pools are really visited and are the must-see for tourists to Nusa Penida.

Nusa Lembongan itself is popular for its famous cliffs and crystal water beaches although these sites; Angel’s Billbong and Broken Beach are attracting many tourists to the island and it could be your natural infinity pool when you have the opportunity to come.

Where to eat on Nusa Lembongan?

Nusa Lembongan is growing and accommodation choices are being offered as well as food options. Warungs are offering all styles of food, burger pasta-nasi joints to satisfy all tastes.

Jungut Batu Area

It is an area where we can find a large variety of restaurants. They have everything to satisfy the tourists from a fast nasi campur to a delicious sea fish on the sand. Most of the accommodation or hotels work here as cafés which everybody uses as fine spots to have a sundowner watching the Gurung Agung and colors changing of the afternoon.

Fish are really expensive on this Island compared to Bali’s prices as here, the fishermen do not use nets, however, they rely mostly on spearfishing which results in higher prices. So if we are a little money conscious, we can shop around for better prices. Remember that prices depend mostly on your nationality and not much on the quality or size as well as the level of your Indonesian.

Nyoman’s Warung

Nyoman’s Warung is located on the north side of Jungut Batu near Mangrove beach. Here we can enjoy the ikan pepes, a delicious fish with chili, garlic and lots of turmerics cooked in banana leaves, the most delicious in Indonesia. This restaurant also offers other seafood, vegetarian buffet and do not forget the exotic magic sauce.

Maria’s Boemboe Bali Warung

This is a small warung so popular with tourists and locals that love food without MSG and house-made bread. It becomes a special place in the evenings for everyone with affordable prices.

Warung Bu Oka

It is located on Jungut Batu’s backstreets, it is now receiving many tourists but everyone in town is talking about the good food they are serving, so better come early.

Warung Bu Edi

If you want to rub shoulders with locals, this is the special place where you can meet tourists and expats. With specials prices combined with an authentic Thai cuisine and local flavors.

Warung Foggy

If you are walking the island or riding on a motorbike, you happen to see a nasi-campur style restaurant in Nusa Ceningan between the bridge and the mangroves excellent for a break.

Green Garden Warung

If you are those who love veggies and are looking for some vegan food attention, this is the place full of expats who testify that everything here is delicious. It is a café –style warung that offers seafood platter with the quality and freshness that everyone desires.

Pondok Baruna Warung

Better place higher price Pondock Baruna located on the main street, cheerful with still good prices offering those delicious Indonesian dishes with local flavors with that touch of popular Thai culture.

Jungut Batu Theater Restaurant

Everyone talks about this place, here you can decide on a movie dinner. You select and order your food first and then choose your place to sit in front of the outdoor cinema and after they bring it to your seat while you enjoy the movie, you will taste the delicious dishes like chicken and drink a cup of wine.

Bali Eco Deli

For those who love natural and healthy food with an Ubud-style café, there is the Bali Eco Deli offering exclusively salads, soups and of course, the morning breakfast combined with the delicious coffee as well as the fresh fruity ice-cream.

This is a unique place where eco really means it as they are implementing local recycling programs and involving the community in eco-activities.

For sure, you would like to visit and enjoy the entire place as it is becoming so popular.

Ginger and Jamu

If you desire to eat your food with a sea view, we have the Ginger and Jamu restaurant with that innovative vegan cuisine where the food is gluten-free and if you do not love dairy products, you have other options. This is a restaurant aimed at Yogi's practitioners as they have a studio room upstairs. Without any sense, we can smoke in the area as they have not included the prohibition in their healthy policies.

Where to stay in Nusa Lembongan

Bay Shore Huts

Bay Shore Huts is really complete located at Tamarind Beach offers three-star services with a club for kids, free Wifi, and an outdoor pool. This resort provides 24-hour reception, activities for the family of all sizes as well as babysitting services and more.

Here you can find 17 luxury rooms with air-conditioned, private bathroom with its shower. This is a restaurant bar where tourists can have breakfast with different options as well as dine and enjoy the afternoon or evening with a drink.

Lembongan Beach Club & Resort

This club offers four-star accommodation with a private beach, fitness center, and a swimming pool.

There is a terrace with a bar where the visitors can have a drink or glow in the sun rays.

This resort also provides gardens views, Wifi in public areas, an outdoor pool, as well as a sun deck with pool.

Here you can have a comfortable stay with 20 rooms, air-conditioned and all the comfort and services, even hair dryer and bathrobes in each private bathroom.

All the guests of this club experience the local cuisine and try the international dishes combined with different breakfast options, and for those who love to explore the island this resort is near to scenic and fishing spots even we can find water activities and scuba diving like canoeing nearby.

Natural villas

This is a three-star accommodation with coffee bar and laundry services as well as a gym and there is also a swimming pool.

The natural villas offer a sitting area with a mini bar and the lodgings are air-conditioned with coffee making facilities. These villas resorts provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we can find everything so close to the villas.

Let’s see some parts of the nightlife on the Island

Nusa Lembongan is kind of quiet for nightlife, but we can find many independent drinking places. Even the hotels have restaurants that double as bars. In high season, we can happen to see parties advertised on the island and of course, the full moon parties.

Barbarella’s Mushroom Beach

This is a new place in town offering food like tapas, cocktails and cool beer open from noon to late hours at night. Here you can find the margaritas which are the best on Lembongan, also Wifi and excellent music, too.

Blue Corner Bar

This is a bar restaurant located on Blue Corner Dive Resort, here you can sit on bean-bag chairs on the beach with Wifi and there is a pool for everyone, also we can play volleyball on the beach every day.

On Friday nights the dive community and expats, as well as tourists, gather together to party with fire on the beach and beer until late hours. Café Bali
It is located at the end of Mushroom Bay. It is a beautiful place to admire and watch the view of Bali and have a great time drinking a beer and eating pasta and local Thai food.

Scooby Doo Beah Bar

This bar is located at Jungut Batu. Everybody loves this bar as it is always busy and on the beach, very popular with the Australian surfing fans. It is special to have a beer with lots of chat.

WBM Coffee Shop and Grill Ribs

It is located in Jalan Raya Lembongan Jungut Butu. If you are looking for a place to get homemade recipes with fresh ingredients, Visit this place where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee every day freshly brewed and also have a good mix of espresso cold or hot and combined with their specialty food pork ribs.

Mickey Sports Bar and Grill

It is located in Jungut Batu and everybody knows this bar as it is the only sports bar in Lembongan.

Something for Honey Mooners

Lembongan Beach Club and Resort

This is a place especially for honeymooners with an excellent friendly staff with a good food and the villas are really luxurious and if you are on honeymoon, the villas with private pool are for you as the pools are nice and have lounge seat, spacious and clean.

Here the staff is really helpful, they always try to help you on some occasions if you need it.

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