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Bali Information

Bali Information

Island of Paradise, Island of a Thousand Temples, Island of Festivals. Sounds rather good doesn’t it? Here’s more to whet the appetite… Endless white sandy beaches and warm waters, green terraced rice paddies, ancient volcanic mountains, beautiful lakes, rainforests, waterfalls, exotic fauna and flora, vivid sunsets; Bali’s natural beauty can literally take the breath away! Add to that the abundance of aesthetically stunning Hindu temples, a full range of accommodation from opulent hotels through to low-budget hostels, sumptuous food, a world class party scene, surfing, diving, snorkeling, white water river rafting, mountain biking, volcano climbing, yoga retreats and world class spas: it is easy to see why Bali has stamped its authority on the planet’s tourist scene. There is something for everyone, from royalty to gap year backpacker. Yoga enthusiasts to night owls. Beach lovers to mountain climbers. It really does have it all. And remarkably, somehow even outshining all of the above are Bali’s deep roots in its enchanting culture. The spiritual consciousness of the Balinese people and their lifestyle, where deep running traditional celebrations and festivals are a part of daily life, is something truly magical to behold.

Bali Highlights

Bali Bali Beaches

Bali Beaches
Bali has so many diverse beaches to be experienced that a few words cannot do them justice. Kuta is the most popular. With sweeping white sands as far as the eye can see, it is just full of Bali life. Rolling seas draw in the boogie boarders and surfers, the stunning sunsets and fun beach festivals bring the rest! Sanur Beach has wonderful sunrises, a sweet serenity, and lots of lovely restaurants. Jimbaran Beach is a relaxed and secluded cove, harboring splendid colourful fishing boats has a reputation for amazing BBQ'd seafood. Nusa Dua Beach has excellent waters for swimming and beautiful white sands. Finally, Padang Bay is like a picture postcard with its hilly landscape and harbours. 

Bali Bali Activities

Bali Activities
Why come to Bali just for beaches when there is so much to do! Among the absolute gems of things to do there's some great day cruises on catamarans where snorkeling, water play, good food and entertainment give you the time of your life. Then there's bungee-jumping, paragliding, whitewater rafting, swimming with dolphins, mountain biking and, well simply a lot to do! Bali's most amazing terrain is just perfect for outdoor activity. A favorite of ours is the cycling tours through lush Bali landscapes for the sheer sense of adventure, beauty and activity. Chat with us online if you want some great ideas for activities from our experienced customer service agents.

Bali Bali Cuisine

Bali Cuisine
Ahh, Bali cuisine; aromatic spices, fragrant roots and seeds, chili peppers and tasty pastes. Eating in Bali is a memorable and engaging tastebud experience. Though interestingly, the real deal is not always easy to find. Many restaurants cater to the general taste so we recommend that you ask some in-the-know local people where the great Bali tastes are. We encourage you to find where the pans are zealously fired up and the flavours carry the tantilising authenticity of an island well served by old seafaring spice traders from surrounding isles. When in Bali, try the infamous Nasi Goreng (Bali-style fried rice), then be as adventurous as your heart desires!

Bali Bali Culture

Bali Culture
Ask a local what heaven is like and you will most likely get the answer, just like Bali! Much of that outlook is largely down to its vibrant and spectacularly unique and enriching culture. A culture so strong that some say the locals have reached self-content! Bali has maintained most of her rich traditions as evidenced by the hundreds of temple celebrations and festivals of all types. Don't be surprised to be caught up in a procession or two by surprise - just go with the Bali flow! Venture inland toward Ubud and other areas and see wonderful art forms, sculptures, paintings and traditional entertainment. Simply put, Bali is culturally rich in so many ways. 

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