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Travelling straight between Palembang and Lombok is now possible!

Travelling straight between Palembang and Lombok  is now possible!
2 八月 2017

Lembongan and Lombok are two of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. The sunny sandy beaches, crystal clear aqua waters, and the laid-back vibe are certainly things they have in common. So, make sure to hold your breath, as these two islands will make you feel like you’re up there in heaven but still down on earth.

How to go from Lombok to Lembongan and vice versa?

The distance between Lembongan and Lombok is approximately 95.6 kilometers, thus rambling between the islands by fast boats makes perfect sense as they balance the equation of time and price.

A problem that a lot of tourists face, is the fact that they have to arrive in a faraway harbor such as Teluk Kode, hence they will have to go through the hassle of searching for another way to get to their destination.

No problem, because we have got this problem solved! As our fast boats operate daily between the most accessible harbors that are probably where your hotel is: Jungut Batu Bay (Lembongan) and Senggigi Harbor (Lombok).

Plus, you will get to travel from Lembongan to Lombok and back, through the safest and most amusing way; fast boats!

And not any fast boats, as in, we deal with the best and most trusted ferry boats’ operators in the region.

We also provide comfortable pickup services through multiple connection points. Simply choose the nearest one, and we will be there!

Now, it’s time for the departure times:

We offer daily direct trips through Jungut Batu Bay (Lembongan) to Senggigi Harbor (Lombok) and vice versa.

From Lembongan to Lombok

There is one direct trip available daily from Lembongan to Lombok:
  • » The boat departs from Jungut Batu Bay at 10:45 am and arrives at Senggigi Harbor at 12:30 pm (Travel time: 1:45 hours).

From Lombok to Lembongan

There is also one afternoon direct trip available from Lombok to Lembongan through the same harbors:
  • » The boat departs from Senggigi Harbor at 12:30 pm, arriving at Jungut Batu Bay at 15:30 pm (Travel time: 3 hours).

How to book?

Our unique online booking system will enable you to check live seat availability, make instantly confirmed online bookings, and immediately receive e-tickets for your fast ferry reservations, with five simple steps:-
  • » Select your trip
  • » Select your transfer
  • » Enter your details
  • » Make the payment
  • » Complete your reservation

So, what if my trip was canceled for any reason, what will happen to my money?

You shall not be afraid of anything. In BaliFerry we always apply a strict money back guarantee policy in case there was any cancellation made prior to 14 days before departure date, but the transaction fee of USD $20 (or your currency equivalent) will be deducted.

You can also alter your trip date within 7 days before departure if you don’t want it to be canceled. A charge of a 10$ fee will be applied in this case.

Can tickets be purchased from the pier?

You may come across some Boats' operators that might be selling the tickets, however, prices, schedules, and availability can be prone to change. We are only able to accept online payments at the time of your booking, and cannot accept same-day bookings.

For common queries; take a look at our FAQs.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for; don’t hesitate to contact us through the phone, email, or live chat. We are always keen on helping!

More and more reasons to choose


is our top priority, we are always making sure to update and improve our safety equipment which is all installed to the highest quality of ferries and we give extra attention to detail to navigation and the safety of our passengers to provide you with a comfortable experience.

Our suppliers

are selected with very careful measures that will result in giving you the best transportation service, that you won't come across anywhere else.

Most affordable

having price and quality is rare, but we got it; we have affordable prices you can't find elsewhere, and quality is a guarantee.

Secure payment

Using either your credit card or PayPal account, you can make payments easily and efficiently with just clicking on a button, and we never risk security.

Money back guarantee

our money back guarantee policy will be applied in case a customer cancels before 14 days of the ferry departure.

Immediate e-ticket

we instantly provide you with an e-ticket after the trip is booked.

Devoted Customer Service

our passionate hardworking team is behind every little thing, they are working at your service for almost 24 hours, from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM Thailand Time/ 365 days a year!


We have our foundation of loyal customers since 2011. We've worked on our trustworthy name and has been maintaining it for more than 5 years with thousands of happy consumers who have reached 688,874 and still counting.

* We will keep doing our best to exceed our customers' expectations, through providing them with safe and enjoyable ferry rides and the most reliable support. Be sure you will never be disappointed*

Book your ticket now and enjoy a 20% off!


On your travel day, make sure to have your Baliferry e-ticket printed and ready to show to the boat staff. They know us well, so the process is really simple. The fast boat staff will simply take your e-ticket and shepherd you to your boat.

Your ticket will also include all the important details you need to know about your trip... Bon Voyage!

Check out our updated booking schedule between Lombok and Lembongan, and select the most suitable option.

  • » No extra charges or hidden fees: you pay what you see!
  • » Money back guarantee for cancellations within 14 days before ferry departure.


  • » It is most recommended to book your trip in advance during the high season. Most boats are fully booked in these days.
  • » Most of the ferry trips are not suitable for pregnant women, infants, people with heart or back problems, or other physical impediments.

Got any further questions or concerns?

Contact our customer service team instantly!

International numbers


Or send us a request.

If neither are good options for you; you can always catch us on the live chat.

* For faster service, simply provide us with your 6 digits booking reference number, or your email address *.

Additional information

Before your travel day; make sure to:

Print out your e-ticket

This is very important because most ferry operators want to see your printed confirmation. In some cases, a smartphone or tablet display is not enough.

Print you pier information

When you're sure about how to get to the pier on the day of your travel, you will be confident and ready.

Double-Check Your Travel Details

It's easy to forget an important detail or to make a mistake regarding a pier address or boat name. Be well prepared.

Pack smart and travel light

Unlike airports, there are no trolleys for your bags. Some piers require you to walk a short distance, so keep your baggage portable.

Pack travel sickness tablets just in case

Boats are big and the sea is mostly smooth, but it’s good to be prepared just in case some ferry motion is making you feel nauseous.

Call us to confirm (one day before)

It enables us to reconfirm that you are still traveling, and we can answer any last-minute questions you may have.

For more before, after, and on your travel day tips; please visit our travel tips page:

What to do in Lembongan?

Rent a scooter

The roads in Lembongan are very calm and slow paced, so getting around the island with a scooter will be a great idea. First time learners; this is your chance!


Nusa Lembongan offers some of the best diving experiences ever. It hosts some premier reef breaks, and it has long been an established part of the Bali surf circuit. The most popular surf breaks are Playgrounds, Shipwrecks, and Lacerations.


Crystal clear waters, colorful corals, a dozen of dive shops equals the superior diving destination!


Each yoga experience you get to try in Indonesia will leave an impact. You can find a variety of yoga classes in Lembongan such as power yoga, Vinyasa flow, Hatha flow and yin yoga. Private classes are also available, and all for reasonable prices.

Eat and eat

Most of the food in Lembongan and its neighbor islands is extremely delicious. Try the Kung Pai Chicken and Cashew Salad and you will know what we mean.

Stand up Paddle Boarding

For 100,000 IDR/ hour, you can rent your own stand-up paddle boarding, and enjoy an exciting adventurous experience above the waters along with your friends, or even with strangers and share some laughs.


Dream beach, Devil’s tear, Jungut Batu, The Mangrove Forest, Seaweed Farms, Paradise Beach, Sunset beach, Tamarind Beach, and Goa Gala-Gala Underground House are must-see places!

We hope this trip will be everything you hoped for, and more!