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The Annual Kites Festival

The Annual Kites Festival Festival, Sport

The Kites festival is a major event that’s held annually between July and August in the island of Bali. 

Where Hundreds of international teams with modern kites come together with the competing local kite groups that have gathered from all over the island to fly away their traditional kites.

This year, the event is attracting over 1,200 kites in competition and up to 10,000 spectators. This is no childish game!

The kites have different shapes, colors, and sizes, as they represent each of the competing villages. The bigger, the better. Although don’t be surprised to find bloodthirsty vampires, a green goblin on a tricycle and a gun-toting grandma kite’s shapes.

Kites’ flying was originally used as a way to send messages to the Gods, and traditional kites, which take the form of fish (Bebean) and birds (Janggan) are a representation of the Hindu deities. At every stage of the kite making process, blessings and rituals are performed for good fortune in competition.

The Kites Festival is certainly a fun and memorable event to witness once in life!

Date: TBA
Location: Bali, Sanur

Fecha 1 julio 2023 - 1 agosto 2023
Tiempo N/A
Locations Bali
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