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Parks and Gardens in Bali

Parks and Gardens in Bali
1 febrero 2018

Many people consider Bali as one of the most beautiful Indonesian Islands. Here in Bali, we can find an ancient culture of gardens dedicated to aesthetic purposes. Gardens and parks in Bali are beloved as the Balinese love bamboo, they represent Bali’s characters and their central existence as well as their innermost serenity and peace, the latter are parts of their psychological traits.

Balinese has many ways to maintain their gardens. The most traditional and popular garden in Bali is the Pekarangan, a private garden that has no difference amongst gardens in the West that features fruits, medicinal herbs as well as bamboo. The Pelataran Gardens are mostly dedicated to aesthetic purposes and they are seen at aristocratic households featuring cinnamon trees. As tourism is increasing nowadays in Bali, parks, and gardens are coping with the Western concept becoming natural for locals and these amusing parks have been the most interesting attraction for everyone in Bali. for example, we have the Eka Karya Botanic garden, that is one of the most popular amusing parks and represents the heights that everyone is striving for. Although these parks and gardens are attracting audiences, the National Parks are captivating tourist population on the island. These natural spots are a representation of the man’s emphasis to preserve the wonders and nature from mishandling and extinction. You fall in love with Bali as you can see the variety of flora and fauna in this enchanting territory.

Some of the best theme parks in Bali

Bali features many beautiful theme parks and we are going to tell you about some of the best ones.

Number one

Waterbom Park and Spa

The first option to share time with the kids and have a wonderful day that nobody is going to forget should be Waterbom Park. It was opened in 1993 and features about 20 waterslides and many leisure facilities that pleases all ages. All these slides cover about 3.8 hectares of fun for everyone with tropical parks facilitating hours of entertainment.

Your kids are never going to stop playing and it will give you time to reach a slow pace and relax under the sun or in the shade. Take time and go for a relaxing dip in one of the pools, lie in a tube raft or you could even go to the thatched gazebos with its pool for better relaxation. If you prefer, you can play a game like water volleyball, then, have a drink at the Sunken Pool Bar and talk to friends, but if you want to really feel relaxed, a soothing massage will do the job or getting a spa treatment. But if you want that privacy, you can rent a Gazebo with a roof of thatch. Waterbom Bali is one of the best on the island featuring different dinning outlets with a bar for drinks or swimming. It is located at JL Kartika Tuban and is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

Number two

Bali Bird Park

For those who love nature, plants, and trees, we have an amazing sanctuary that features about 2000 tropical plants with trees and birds that provides good shelter for these species. Here you can be delighted by the variety of Indonesian parrots combined with rare Black Palm Cockatoos, Hombills, and Cassowaries as well as a full collection of Paradise Birds

When you are walking through the park, you can find an aviary cover in the midst of it all that shelters thousands of birds in a dense atmosphere and they have positioned some important points strategically to observe the birds; while feeding, flying, nesting, and mating.

The rare species are protected by enclosures safeguards from outside predators and in this greenery spot, you can find a wonderful restaurant with delicious international cuisine and those birds singing in the background with a tropical atmosphere. It is located in Singapadu, Batubulan Giandar in Bali.

Number three

Visit the Elephant Safari Park

In the green heart of Bali, there is a village where we can find The Elephant Park specifically in Taro just some minutes North of Ubud.

This park is administered by Bali Adventure Tour, one of the experimented pioneers in Bali tours that offers mountain cycling tours and water rafting and this brand offers full day tours of any hotel in Bali to the Park with an elephant ride, including lunch at the Elephant Safari Park Lodge, but if you prefer you can visit on your own and pay the fee of just $10 for kids and $19 for adults and you will have the opportunity to live for a while with these animals; feed them, play with them and get to touch them.

This park features a heroic history and it belongs to the World Zoo Association and follows the animal welfare’s international standards. The Sumatran elephants are friendly that you can even sleep with them without any problems and some famous crocodile hunters acknowledge this park as one of the best elephant parks in the world and many people are impressed by the elephant park located in Taro, Ubud.

Number four

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Kali Safari and Marine Park called Taman Safari III that is part of Taman Safari situated in Gianyar, Bali. It features animals that live in their natural surroundings and offers tours by bus for tourists to enjoy about 400 animals from some different regions.

You can take the option of walking with the elephants and it will be quite good. Although you should try, the route by car safari which is a lot of people’s favorite activity. Inside you can eat and buy souvenirs. At the entrance, they offer currency exchange like at the airport.

Gardens in Bali

Bali Botanic Garden

Kebun Raya Eka Kanya Bedugul known locally as Kebun Raya Bedugul dedicates gardens for recreational purposes to the families and it is also an excellent spot for botanic research, education, and conservation. Here the family can find a variety of cool spots to relax in stunning surroundings, and on the other hand, it provides education on how the Balinese use the plants.

The Bali Botanical gardens offer many scientific services as well as the support of conservation and plant research such as plant database, nurseries, glasshouses, libraries, seed bank and an herbarium. Here you can see the giant Rafflesia, a unique rare species that has been changing throughout the years.

Eka Kanya features vast collections of specimen and a variety of tropical flowering plants that provides a sensational environment to enjoy central Bali completely with its cool uplands, famous among tourists and locals who feel attracted by the scenery and highlands.

Visit the iconic Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Beteran Lake where you can perform a lot of activities after a trip to the gardens. Although it has a wildlife and a great collection of plants in their habitat, you get much fun and an adrenaline rush at the Bali’s Treetop Adventure Park, featuring some circuit stretching that includes nets, jumps, bridges, Tarzan swings as well as 160 meters of zip lines and flying fox.

Circuits are customized, designed, and graded with different levels fitted for children over 4 years old and adults. These circuits reach heights from 2 to 20 meters providing truly unforgettable experiences with amazing bird viewpoints.

This garden is located at an altitude of 1.2-1.4 meters above sea level covering an area of 157 hectares reaching cool temperatures of 17 to 25 centigrade during the day, reaching a low point of 10 -15 centigrade at night. You can spend the night and sleep on the ground so it is recommended to carry warm clothing because the weather is unpredictable at this altitude as well as umbrellas and raincoats. It is located in Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan.

Bali Garden Beach Resort

It is located at 13 kilometers from Garuda Wisnu Kencana and 5 kilometers from the business area of Seminyak and it is a luxurious hotel in front of the sea with great tropical gardens. It features spacious rooms with TV screens, safe box, coffeemaker, teapot, a small freezer, and a balcony. The upstairs rooms have a sofa and the family room has bunk beds and patios. The villas have 2 or 3 rooms that feature a living room and furnished patio.

You can have a free buffet lunch at the cafeteria including pastry, nine restaurants and five bars with an infinity pool overlooking the sea and there are lounges available at the beach as well as a spa area with massages.

Hanging Garden of Bali

This a famous Feng Shui resort situated on a dense tropical jungle. It is 13 km from Neka art museum and 19 km from the Water Temple of Tirta Empul. It features elegant thatched-roof one room villas and private terraces with food areas as well as infinity pools heated and coated with granite. Each one has handmade furniture, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and indoor or outdoor bathrooms; most have views of the valley. The superior villas include additional rooms or butlers 24 hours a day.

Parking and breakfast are free. Facilities that can only be accessed by stairs include an outdoor lounge, a creative restaurant, a library, an innovative waterfall pool and a spa offering massages by the river.

Tirta Gangga (Karangasem)

Tirta Gangga features fountains and pools surrounded by an exuberant garden and stone carved statues. This garden was built in 1946 and destroyed almost completely by Mount Agung eruption in 1963 and now it is restored lovingly and has that authentic magnificent royal air.

It is located at Jl. Abang-Amlapura, Karangasem 80852, Bali. It is really a beautiful place with an interesting history that we must not take for granted. From the distance at the entrance, we can see an amazing terraced garden with two natural pools that we should see for a reasonable price. This is a place for those who are looking for the perfect harmony between water and Balinese culture. Your guide will take you inside the Balinese culture, where you will learn that Tirta Gangga means water in Ganges’s culture. It was built beautifully with water pools by the Raja of Karangasem where you can swim and why not take some pictures? With some locals at the entrance for some pennies. In fact, we can see honeymooners collecting their honeymoon album. It is one of the most beautiful sites in Bali that they really take care. There are some slabs where you can walk through the Pools.

Bali Butterfly Park

It's tiny, which makes the visit about half an hour. We have to be very careful with samples of different stages of the conversion of larva into a butterfly. It is a beautiful place to visit and highly recommended if it is close to your route.

It is a nice place to see insects and butterflies interacting with each other. It is more appropriate for families with children because they can see how butterflies metamorphosis and we can see and touch insects as well. All those flying butterflies give a great feeling of peace and freedom. The place is very well taken care of and the guides explain very nicely the stages and the cares. It has no waste! And the most interesting thing is that they allow you to take photos with the giant butterflies, and another amazing sight is; the giant insects that blend into the environment as well.

This park will give you a feeling of being one with nature! The people who attend to you are very kind. The place is well designed. It looks like something out of a movie, full of butterflies that flutter. There is a space where you can interact with some giant butterflies and take pictures with them.

Bali Orchid Garden

It was opened on October 20th, 1995 and is in the central cores of the gardens in Sanur, Bali. It features tropical gardens with a relaxing atmosphere where those marvelous orchids bloom during the year and it is opened for different groups with specific purposes as well as for individual tourists. Besides its relaxing tropical atmosphere, this garden has grown a variety of tropical plants from abroad to Indonesia such as Pitchers plants, Aroids, Heliconia, Cordylines and many others. Here you can find a variety of orchids like Vanda and Cattleya hybrids as well as Indonesian species.

Bali Orchid Garden provides many services like tour and hosting, landscaping as well as a shop for souvenirs offering different products for sale with friendly staff that tells you everything about tropical plants while touring the garden. Here you can find many orchid treasures and you can purchase a memento, as well as flowers that can be ordered overseas, plants, floral arrangements. And all those products are available for everyone.

Some people are quite skeptical about how much they could enjoy this trip as flowers are not always their thing. However, you can make the special trip led by a guide. If they are extremely nice and knowledgeable about the orchids, you are going to have a wonderful tour. They also can give you some very useful tips for keeping orchids in pots at home.

Ubud Sari Coffee Luwak

It is located in Ubud and is very famous for its coffee that is really natural from a process that is quite different compared to the one we know in the occident.

This experience is unique since this coffee is only produced in Bali. In other parts of the world a cup can cost $20 or more and here you get a coffee tasting and free tea and if you order the LUWAK Coffee it costs $3. They explain to you the elaboration, and the secret is that everything is manual, nothing made by machines because the grains of coffee come from the excrement that ingests the best fruit of the coffee. You cannot stop drinking it and if possible buy it since it is a luxury to take this coffee at such a good price. Excellent souvenir for lovers of good coffee and remember to bring your mosquitos spray. Definitely worth a visit if you are around

Puputan Garden

This is a really open space featuring some relevant statues at the end of the park. When you are walking through the perimeter of the park, you can sit on the benches with great shade to give a relaxing moment if you have been walking through central Denpasar. Here you can grab your camera ad take some photos because the location of the park is good just some minutes from the Bali Museum Pura Jagatnatha.

This is the place of the great bloody battle between the population and the invading Dutch denpasarese army on September 16, 1906. Thousands in Bali died that day, also the king of Denpasar, I Gusti Ngurah Agung. The royal palace was raised to the north of the square that served as Pasar market. This is the origin of the name of the city of Denpasar, north of the market. This is a very popular place to relax or just take a walk with your friends or family in the old center of Denpasar.

Nature is part of our evolution and we feel great when we can witness a part of it; and here in, we feel that part is helping you to be in touch with nature.

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