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Bali as a Honeymoon Destination

Bali as a Honeymoon Destination
26 enero 2018

Bali is a province and a super star island in Indonesia. The province is composed of Bali islands and some neighboring islands such as Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida with its capital Denpasar in the south of Bali.

Bali is the place to satisfy, pamper and please every type of romantic adventure, a perfect destination that many honeymooners take to start an affectionate journey. If you want to express your love truly, there are many ways that you can find in Bali to share and celebrate all the moments that make a couple belong together and make it a memorable nuptial forever.

If you and your loved one plan to make your honeymoon come true in a magical and exotic place, take Bali as your honeymoon destination. It is a romantic island out of 17,000 islands in Indonesia with its tropical scenery, rainbows, volcanoes, green fields of rice, and thick jungle. With lots of things to do, its impacting natural beauty mixed with its traditions and cultural offerings, as well as its lively nightlife, turn Bali into a real exciting and relaxing destination, a paradise for lovers where couples can find private intimate time for themselves.

How to get to Bali

In Bali, there is the Denpasar International Airport that is well connected to cities all around the world like Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala etc. It depends on the place you are coming from sometimes you have to take different flights but if you are traveling by sea you could take a cruise or a boat from Java, Singapore or Sumatra heading to Bali.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

Bali is visited all year-round but the high season lies from April to September that is the summer season and the honeymooner should visit Bali when there are lesser crowds, so it must be in March and October because that is when seasons change; in March starts the summer and ends in October, but there is always time for love in Bali. There have been couples who visited Bali in June and they had a wonderful honeymoon. In Bali, the weather is hot all the time because it is a tropical place but if you are on honeymoon and looking to blow out your budget on beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels, hot weather will be delicious. Here there are three hotels’ names that are fabulous for honeymooners; The Samaya, The four seasons Ubud, Bulgari, Uluwatu. These hotels are spectacular luxurious properties with fantastic restaurants, lovely beaches, and pool areas. The Bulgari has an amazing cliff, great for watching the sunset, top views, and a beautiful scenery.

Here we are going to give you special information about everything you need to know for an unimaginable honeymoon to express love and delicacies. Bali is a real honeymoon destination. In Ubud, there are a lot of things to do because it is the cultural center of Bali. You can find monkey forest, rafting, Ubud markets, dance performances, temples even see a fire dance (Kecak) in Uluwatu or visit in Samur Aston Legend Villas and more.

Let’s start with some best places to visit on this romantic island.

Number one

A place that is suitable for an unforgettable honeymoon is Uluwatu, as a peninsular spot with a romantic atmosphere to share special moments on amazing beaches like Suluban and Balangan. Considered by Balinese as the most romantic beach on the whole island. Spend the unforgettable moments at a hotel with a pool looking at the ocean, having the serenity that honeymooners need to enjoy and share the most intimate time of their lives.

Number two

Nature expresses its romanticism with an active volcano giving us something to marvel at. In Bali, we feel that with Mount Batur at 1700 meters high, enthralling and unique that takes your breath away. Looking at the stunning crater lakes, fantastic landscapes, and hot springs. Do not forget to visit the magnificent Besakih temple and finish your romantic day with a meal at the isolated Gunung Batukuru restaurant.

Number three

In South Bali, there is a special place for honeymooners where they can admire and amble through sunsets and tranquil villages, rice paddies, creeks as well as beaches with your soulmate by your side and why not stop by those ancient temples to listen to the prayers for peace, love, and tenderness? Canggu is suitable for honeymooners where you can find all things sweet! Giving you the right energy to experience some gorgeous time with your loved one.

Number four

Penida is a remote island to the west of Bali, a secluded paradise for lovers where there is a romantic place named Crystal bay with turquoise waters that guarantees newlyweds their journey together. They can also feast their eyes on a luxury catamaran to reach a wonderful gem. Enjoy clear waters and soft sand to explore a coral reef as well as a barbecue after a snorkeling venture.

Number five

There is a place in Bali where you can pamper yourselves, it has everything to satisfy your needs and get you ready for one of the best times of your lives. What about staying at Ayana Resort and Spa? A blissful place for honeymooners where you can take a super romantic bath with 500 roses to make you rejuvenate, a relaxing massage, champagne and enjoy your strawberries looking at the turquoise water or relax in a pool for two. Luxury suites especially designed and decorated for your romantic stay.

Number six

Share your love in bustling Kuta with your adorable other half and be on the move in Kuta, visit its markets and be part of the lively nightlife, visit the Tanah Lot temple settled on a rock and admire the sea that surrounds the temple making the scene perfect for lovers.

Make your honeymoon unforgettable by releasing turtles into the sea from May to September. Kuta is definitely the unique place for your honeymoon in Bali.

Number seven

In Ubud, we do not have beaches, but love is in the air which makes this place special for couples. Your soulmate and you can take cooking classes! Imagine a dish prepared by both of you, an experience that will add subtle flavor to your vacation, you can also take a village tour, visit art markets or have a bamboo crafting class. If you want to feel more chill and bewitched, take the chocolate tour through a farm, definitely enchanting and romantic.

Number eight

Stimulate your senses with hot springs at Banjar and then cool down at Git Git waterfalls. This is perfect to escape the crowds, walk through the forest, swim in a natural pool and admire the Balinese traditional culture, visit the colonial farm of Lovina. Here you can see how weavers produce their beautiful Ikat and silk pieces. Just enchanting.

Number nine

If you want to rediscover love in the jungle and observe the gentle sea from the relaxing Menjangan, you have to visit the west of Bali. It is a place set for honeymooners who want to enjoy the privacy and feel the real adventure in an uninhabited spot. This is a diver’s paradise and here we can observe a rich marine life with its crystal water, coral reef.

Number ten

You are going to be smitten by Bali’s personality, just visit Pasin Putih and you will be charmed. Sometimes in your honeymoon days you will need a time off to yourselves from all the activities and escaping to the beach is always a good way to do that. Relax on a beach with pristine white sand and enjoy delicacies of the local Bali’s cuisine.

Ten reasons why you should stay in Bali

All these villas are excellent for honeymooners. Most of them are from 120-190 $ with one bedroom and pool ocean view.

Reason number one (D Chandrasi)

A villa with private pool and ocean view bedroom for two. Your dreams can come true at D Chandrasi, spend the honeymoon resting together by your private pool admiring the turquoise ocean. The resort villas are located in Kabupaten Badung, Kuta Utara.

Reason number two (Ini Vie Villa)

Here you can snuggle in a pool swing, enjoy a floating breakfast without leaving your pool, swim in your infinity pool and Jacuzzi with 500 rose petals.

Ini Vie Villa is just minutes away from the bustling of Seminyak and popular beaches in Kuta if you want to change your regime. In Ini Vie Villa you can also get a discount for a luxurious treatment at the Vie Spa that is located at Jalan Dewi Sri 3 No. 8x, Kuta, Bali.

Reason number three (Berry Amour Romantic Villa)

This villa is designed specifically for romance. You can pick up your villa according to these fantastic titles; Desire Romantic Villas, Mystic Romantic Villas, Temptation Romantic Villas Berry Amour Romantic Villas provides spa treatments at Taman Air Spa, couple yoga, romantic floating breakfast and daily tea. It is located at Jl. Batu Belig Kerobokan, Bali.

Reason number four (Kamuela Villas and Suites Sanur)

A place for a remarkable honeymoon! Kamuela Villas and Suites is a suitable place for honeymooners looking for intimacy and romance to get away from the busy life.

These villas have beautiful sea views and enchanting spots to lie in and a mix of jungle garden near Sanur Beach to enjoy the sunrise in a secluded environment.

Kamuela Villas and Suites provide a selection of romantic services to suit couples such as a romantic candlelit dinner and more.

It is located at JL. Cemara No. 33 Sanur-Bali.

Reason number five (Kriyamaha Villas)

A Jacuzzi wonderland Kriyamaha Villa provides romantic services that await you from flower baths to candlelit dinners in your private pool at affordable prices, have breakfast and lunch on the water, an excellent way of expressing your love together while relaxing in the pool. Kriyamaha is located conveniently near famous shops and markets where you can doll up in local cloth and some minutes away from beaches like Kuta beach, Double Six each, Seminyak Square and others. Kriyamaha is on JL. Panchawa, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.

Reason number six (Sun island Suites)

Finding a luxurious accommodation at an affordable price sounds impossible but at Sun Suites Island it is a reality in up class Uluwatu. It provides spacious one-bedroom suites that will make you not only feel comfortable but a famous star. Each suite features a two-story unit that has a spacious bedroom upstairs with bathroom and balcony overlooking the forest and on the other hand we have the lower level with a living room, dining area and of course, the private pool and your lounging terrace. Be sure to ask and take advantage of all the spa services that this resort provides to enjoy a complete honeymoon.

It is located at Jalan Raya Goa Gong Bali.

Reason number seven (Sejuk Beach Villas)

Sejuk means windy and fresh! If you love paddy fields and sparkling oceans, this is the right place for your honeymoon. Sejuk Beach Villas gives you the best of both worlds with its villas beach front and free access to the beaches directly from your villa especially for those who love being all hours on the beach and back to get ready for a romantic dinner looking at the sunset. The only thing you need to do is just be there because everything is prepared and designed for you. Located at Pantay Seseh Munggu, Bali.

Reason number eight (Rijasa Agung Resort & Villas)

Here the tropical forest is a paradise where you can swim in an infinity pool situated at a dense mountainous hill in Ubud where you have 42 luxurious rooms from you can observe the amazing Ayung River. Here you can have the tranquility you have been looking for with everything designed for utter relaxation in a natural surrounding, Rijasa Agung Resort provides the sweetest services from a flower bath to a traditional massage. It is located at Br. Begawan, Desa Melinggh Kelod, Payangan Ubud Bali.

Reason number nine (Anahata Villas & Spa Resort)

Because love needs to be celebrated! These villas were built and designed to provide a natural environment to the honeymooners near to Petanu River surrounded by a thick tropical forest with 12 wonderful villas that comes with an amazing view to offer a relaxing natural retreat for your soul, mind, and body. Get advantages of a full perfect package to enjoy your infinity pool and more. It includes a massage for 2 at the spa house, a flower arrangement, a romantic candlelit dinner, a free river tour to Anahata Oasis and more. What are you waiting for?

It is located at Banjar Umah Anyar, Ubud, Bali.

Reason number ten Jendela Di Bali (It is a dream location)

Yes, it is. If you do not believe you just have to go and see for yourself this magnificent place like no other. Imagine lying on the room’s bed on moonlit nights looking at the moon reflecting on all glass walls covering the stunning jungle and towering palm trees.

Gamelan orchestra will enchant your ears and you would want to mark the time for the temple ceremony when fireflies dance and glitter around in a beautiful scenery.

If you are looking for the best for your honeymoon, do not hesitate and stop looking around, Jandela di Bali is the place! Here you are going to find what your heart desires, an extraordinary villa that provides an authentic experience, private pool, several lounges, and spacious gardens carefully designed and decorated with the luxurious interior on a Balinese style.

There are separate lounges; The Bale Bengong features the living and dining areas, The Wayang Kulit bale is profoundly dedicated to meditating, The White Elephant and Kingfisher feature the bedrooms with its Jacuzzi and swimming pool, the patio with flowers, fountains and the delicate music of the birds.

It is located at Jalan Sri Wedari No 5 Ubud, Bali.

Nightlife in Bali

Here in Bali nightlife is splendid. In Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak emerge over the coast when the sun sets. There is all the time for love in Bali but why not escape one night and head to an entertaining venue for an occasional gig with your love to enjoy a band?

Bali nights offer the top variety of locations and impressive winning menus in Resorts some of them perched on cliffs with an impacting view of the Indian Ocean. You just have to be here to feel the breeze and what it is like; drivers know what and where the most enchanting places are for a night out; Nights clubs, beach clubs, night markets, rooftop bars or chill-out rooftop bars that are the latest trend which combined amazing settings with innovative drinks and friendly atmosphere. Looking at the open sky above and feel the breeze sipping a good cocktail next to your loved one. Enjoying the delicious food and listen to your favorite music in a tropical scenery, it is unforgettable.

We know the honeymoon is a special occasion and here in baliferry, we do everything to make those days unforgettable.

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