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Your Travel Guide From Bali to Java

Your Travel Guide  From Bali to Java
5 六月 2018

Many adventurous tourists in Bali want to explore the whole experience. And you can’t enjoy the full experience without visiting Bali’s western neighbor Java. Getting to Java from Bali is pretty easy and fast along with many schedules offered on a daily basis. Java is known for its breathtaking nature and beautiful mountainous lands. Especially Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. It is a well-known landmark for hikers who climb up the mountain at midnight to see the blue flames from the Sulphur rocks.

Bali and Java are separated by the Bali Strait which stretches out to 3 km, so the only way to crossover is by sea. Java is a big piece of land, so you should plan ahead where exactly in Java you want to go.

How to get there

By Bus from Bali to Java

The easiest point of departure to Java from Bali by bus is the Ubung bus terminal, in Denpasar. The schedule of these buses is open from right in the early morning to the night. But there are more frequent trips in the morning than at night. Although getting to the bus terminal is a task in itself.

The quickest way to get to the Ubung bus terminal is by taking a taxi, you can take one right from Kuta which is a little taxing, but more comfortable.

Another way to get there is by hiring a private car with a driver, this option is way costlier than the Taxi but worthwhile if you can afford it.

If you want to use public transportation in order to reach the bus terminal in Ubung, then you need to use 2 bemos, one to get from the Jalan Pantai Kuta or Jalan Raya Kuta corner to Denpasar. Which is a very heavy and uncomfortable option.

It’s very easy to get to Java from Ubung, once you get there. You can buy a bus ticket from an official ticket seller next to the desired bus or after getting on to the bus that will take you to your destination. Also, you can buy it from ticket offices but it is likely to be more expensive. In the Ubung bus terminal, there are 3 routes that go to 3 different locations in Java like: from Ubung to Yogyakarta, Ubung to Probolinggo, Ubung to Surabaya.

These buses are comfortable to an extent as they air conditioned, having appropriate soft seats and a storage for your luggage. Avoid peak holidays as they will be stacked and you will be asked to carry your own luggage with you.

This journey, however, is very long, as it takes about 17 hours to get there by bus, but it is, of course, more affordable.

When you ride the bus don’t take or accept drinks from other passengers as some instances of drugging has occurred.

By Plane

This is the quickest option for transportation and the most comfortable when traveling from Bali to Java. However, it is more expensive and you won’t get to see any nature on your way to Java. If you want to stop on the way and take pictures of nature then this option is not for you.

You can take a domestic flight to Juanda Airport in Surabaya which is the capital city of East Java from Denpasar. Then from Surabaya, you can take a taxi to reach your desired destination in Java.

Flights are always a great option if you just want to reach your destination and not stop by to appreciate the nature and if you have no problem with paying the dues.

By Boat

Getting from Bali to Java by boat is the most ideal option. As it is comfortable, quick and cheap all at the same time. Plus, you get to watch the beautiful water as you get closer to arriving your destination.

And here at Baliferry we offer the best service and top-notch equipment along with utter care towards our customers, on top of that we provide the safest rides as we take all our safety precautions to make our customers feel at ease and just enjoy their ride.

The trips we have are from Bali to Banyuwangi in Java.
The trip is very quick, it takes about 2 hours to get there and costs about 600 Baht.
The boat departs from Kedonganan in Bali to Blimbingsari in Banyuwangi.

Getting from Bali to Java could be a hassle but we make it seem like a piece of cake.

Book with us now!

The fast boat trip is not suitable for infants (children under 3 years of age), pregnant women, people that suffer from heart and back problems or people that go through any other physical impediments.

Make sure you have your printed E-ticket with you when you get to the pier. And the price of the ferry does not include the entrance fee of 20 THB (which is subject to change).