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Bali Spirit Festival 2023

Bali Spirit Festival 2023 Festival, Sport, Music

This is the longest yoga, music, and dance festival around the world celebrated around March-April in Bali. This is an inspirational event for all participants providing more than two hundred classes every day with a seminar on personal development, spirituality, and health. Many extra Special events at important venues are offered around Ubud and also classes of wellness and nights of music that make this yoga event the longest in the world.

In the last years, they have introduced new types of festivals to allow even more people to join the celebration such as; abundance pass, teenager pass and five days community pass.

This festival is attractive to a global audience because many international performers are invited annually to the event.
You are going to enjoy this festival with many workshops, music, organic food, Coco-Love Stage show and more. It is a life-changing experience that has impacted a lot of participants with the energy, passion, and social consciousness.

Date: 4-7 May 2023
Location: Bali

日期 4-7 五月 2023
时间 N/A
Locations 巴厘岛
价格 N/A