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Bali's One Day Tours

Bali's One Day Tours
30 一月 2018

Only a few clicks away, you can know the most enchanting places to visit in Bali; the sights and the sensational things that can be seen in a half or full day. These are Bali’s best tours for any type of tourists where they can have unique sightseeing options and interesting excursions from sport practicing to cultural events. Throughout the full day, we can see majestic temples and admire the rural part of Bali as well as the tropical jungle in its interior. Most popular tours cover many highlights through the island’s regencies from the farthest cool spot to the coastal beaches. We have lined them for a better decision so you can plan the tour before coming to Bali. There is much to do so, it is important to plan your perfect holiday carefully in Bali, so at the end of the day, you will be satisfied and on the edge waiting for your vacation with all those images in your mind that will take time to disappear from your dreams.

Number one

Visit Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot, and Monkey Forest

Just on a full-day tour, you can discover the cultural heritage of Bali and its natural sceneries. Visit Pura Taman Ayun and enjoy its gardens and old temple complex, marvel at Kedaton Monkey forest with its friendly primates and be delighted with Tanah Lot’s amazing sunsets from this temple situated on a rocky stone in the sea.

Let the transportation pick you up from the hotel and admire the countryside of Bali to Pura Taman Ayun, an ancient temple that features clear waters, lush gardens, structures that have been renovated for maintenance purposes, profuse gardens and the deep wide ditch to beautify the temple with its multi-tiered sacred grassy yards and pools covered with lotus.

Be greeted by gray macaques at the Sanctuary and Kedaton Monkey forest where these monkeys swing from branches to branches to delight the audiences.

Before leaving the tropical rainforest pay a visit to the great critters and then head to Tirta Empul’s waters, a temple that features pools fed with spring waters. Swim in this holy water and participate in rituals performed by locals to purify your soul, as the night is waiting for the dawn to break, it is time to ride to Tanah Lot to watch the sunset for a perfect scene.

Number two

Discover Bali’s culture heritage

Do you know what is a blissful time? Sipping on our tea or coffee while we admire the tropical scenery with a view of green fields of rice at the top of Bukit Jati. Bali’s culture is exotic and unique and you could discover it traveling through stunning natural surroundings on just a one-day tour.

Be ready to be picked up at your hotel to embark on your Bali adventure. Gong-smith has made the historic village Blahbatuh famous and you have the chance to stop and admire the village and interact with friendly locals and observe the intricate process to build the Balinese gamelan orchestra. Do not miss the opportunity to stop at Archaeological Museum to admire the Balinese arts, heritage, and culture as well as the highlights of ethnographic and archaeological representations.

Number three

Visit Kintamani Volcano, Ubud

You can marvel at the impressing volcano at mountain Batur or watch the amusing mythological Baron dance, visit the villages and admire the traditional crafts. On this long day tour, you can discover the unique cultural heritage of Bali and its marvelous tropical surroundings.

Let the transportation pick you up at your hotel and wait to go through the exotic country. See the sculptures and statues made of stones that have made the Batubulan village famous and listen to the musical instruments while watching the traditional Baron dance, a lively mythology piece of Bali’s culture.

Bali has a great culture and we can observe it in different places around the country. Mas is a village well-known for its woodcarving products and you can visit it and interact with the artisans and see how they make fine art from a simple piece of wood.

Bali features the Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah) included in the UNESCO list of cultural sites, and be fascinated by the creatures carved at the cave entrance, a representation of the mythology of Bali’s culture and then, you can continue to Kintamani to observe the impressing views of mount Batur with its active volcano.

Do not miss Ubud, the representation of Bali’s fine art, music and, dance. If you are thinking about gold or silver ornaments or accessories, pay a visit to Celuk famous for this kind of products like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Try them on before heading to your hotel and take a good piece of memory of your full-day tour.

Number four

Raft on the Ayung River

Practice rafting on the Ayung River and let an expert lead you on to a perfect pool to swim and admire the falls that will make your heart pump. Then, it will be the time to take a hot shower and enjoy an exquisite lunch with an amazing view of the field.

Get up early and wait for your transportation to head for the stunning Ayung River. Listen and learn padding techniques and precautions that you must take for your safety. Ask your rafting guide for a suitable life jacket and then grab your paddles and head toward the river waters.

Your trip guide will lead you minute-by-minute giving you the correct instructions while navigating rocky obstacles and water bends. This is a river adventure that will keep you on your toes.

You can stop off at a gentle pool and take a refreshing bath surrounded by a tropical forest and this is the time to use your camera and snap some photos of the tropical jungle with its cliffs covered with canopies trees and then hop back in your canoe to end your journey.

Pull the boat onto shore and refresh with a cold shower to release all the tropical heat while you perceive the smells of an exquisite menu of the Indonesian cuisine and of course, the breathtaking views of stunning hills. And when it’s over let the sundown be your background as you are heading back to your hotel.

Number five

Relax with the Sunset Dinner Cruise

Board the Bali Hai Cruise and combine a delicious dinner with a marvelous cruise on the stunning Bali coast. Be delighted with a stunning sunset and admire the Bali’s scenery with a full splendor.

The transportation will pick you up at your hotel to head to Benoa Harbor where your boat tour awaits you and be welcomed by nice crew members with a flower lei and cocktail. Enjoy the stunning ocean views and feel the breeze of the refreshing sea while you sip on your delicious cocktail. After getting on board indulge in a delicious buffet dinner and admire the colors of the sky, notice when it changes from red to shades of blue, purple and listen to live gentle music.

After dinner, you can be a superstar singing along your favorite tunes in a karaoke session or boogie down to your favorite music at a disco, then why not look at the sky above from the deck to gaze at the stars and relax through the atmosphere.

Number six

Go to Devdan Show

Indonesia has a great cultural heritage that now we can experience with the modern mixed with traditional dancing and acrobatics accompanied by light effects, great sound and impressing illusions.

The Devdan Show is exclusive to Indonesia’s cultural heritage a true treasure of this enchanting place to manifest and highlight the Bali’s emblematic culture with the mixture of traditional and modern dance, dazzling special effects and impressive aerial acrobats.

Each scene of the Devdan Show represents an Indonesian Archipelago’s island; Bali, Sumatra, Java Papua and Borneo with their unique heritage of traditional music and up-to-date technologies turning the performance into a truly memorable spectacular.

Number seven

Take the private coast tour

Bali’s coast is amazing and with this tour, you will be in contact with thriving communities in a wonderful tropical landscape. Visiting the Besakih. The mother temple, you will be exploring a sacred place and a touching rich culture and heritage.

Taste the Salk, a popular local fruit that you have not come across, get to know the plantations of coffee, lemongrass and many varieties of tropical fruits, spice from the region as well as different fragrances. This is a good option for travelers who want to know more about Bali’s culture and to start the day indulging in the agritourism and how it is part of the economic development of the region. In Alam Giri plantation you can admire this part of Bali and its cultural heritage.

Mount Agung features Mother Temple of Besakih, a great sacred temple situated on a terrace slope of an active volcano, listen to your guide and learn more about the temple’s long history and be delighted by the stunning temple complex as well as the monuments representing Bali’s architecture that is always impressive and exotic.

Go to Bali’s origins and visit the village of Tenganan, the home of the first citizens of Bali, an area that is a representation of Bali’s heritage, learn how the traditional artisans weave baskets. Before finishing your tour, observe the fauna and flora while strolling around.

Number eight

The Dolphin Cruise

Encounter native dolphins at Uluwatu’s coastline and enjoy a high-speed tour on a cruise to Nusa Dua. Admire the natural surroundings of Bali and marvel at the dolphins in their natural habitat.

Get on board from your hotel to Benoa Harbor, where you can take a cruise, but before embarking, savor an exotic fruit juice and sip a cup of tropical coffee, tea or eat pastry.

Admire the Bali’s amazing southern coast on an ocean high-speed raft. Be delighted by the refreshing sea air and by the stunning ocean view and check out the dolphins’ sounds through the boat’s sound transmitter and watch them jump and swim dancing in a synchronizing harmony.

Number nine

Visit Lembongan island

Let’s visit the Lembongan Island, a journey that permits you to try out your down-time activities admiring the sea, as well as relaxing through an isolated stretch of beaches on this leisure day and not every day when you get the chance to explore the marine fauna and aquatic wilderness. The transportation carries you to the port of Bali, where a special boat will take you to the wonderful Lembongan Island. During the voyage, you can relax on the boat’s water slide while enjoying the three most important beaches on the southern coast of Bali.

After arriving at Lembongan Island, enjoy a buffet lunch and try that exquisite menu from Bali’s cuisine. Head to the sea in a banana boat or kayak, enjoy some snorkeling and wear a diving helmet to walk around. Get all those experiences and memories from Bali’s waters when it is time to return.

Number ten

Buggy and Canyon tubing

Roar through the Payangan forest on a buggy and then head to the Siap River and discover how adventurous you are. Go around the dense jungles and embark on a Shotover jet ride into a narrow river.

After arriving from your hotel at Payangan choose your ride buggy or squad bike and take time for some important short training on safety to explore the beauty of the interior of Bali by yourself and see the green forest on a tropical atmosphere.

It is an enchanting journey to cruise dirt paths under nodding palms. Learn how to avoid challenges and cross obstacles while hitting technical parts. Hit the brakes and stop by a breathtaking viewpoint where you can have a panoramic view of rice fields and enjoy the complete panorama.

And to finish your day tour go to your river guide, this expert will fit you with the safety harness, lifejacket, helmet and some instructions on how to ride carefully and then get on the inflatable tube, go through a series of streams. Drop on small waterfalls, cascade chutes, jump into pools. When all the fun gets a little too much, just relax and enjoy an exquisite Balinese lunch then head to your hotel.

Some other places that you can visit on your one-day tour

Visit the best places on Bedugul and Tabanan

Be delighted by visiting the most wonderful regions in Tabanan and Bedugul like the terraces of rice at Jatiluwih and the sacred temple called Bratan Lake Temple. Feel free to choose what you want from the flexible itinerary. Some places in this tour include; A smart friendly guide, a stunning sunset at Tanah Lot Temple, Magical Bratan Lake Temple, Visit the jatiluhwih, a visit to the Butterfly Park at penebel Village.

Be ready in the morning to be picked up from your hotel about 9 am. Then start the visit to Penebel Village and here you can see hundreds of butterflies at the park. Then use your camera for some amazing pictures, they always say with an open mind and a big heart you can observe better the Bali’s beauty.

Visit Uluwatu and Tanah Lot and enjoy the sunset tour

With this tour, you are going to visit the south coast of Bali and its two iconic temples Uluwatu and Tanah Lot, besides that, you are going to visit stunning beaches and then finish at Jimbaran Bay to enjoy an exquisite seafood dinner. Some highlights of this tour are; Tanah Lot Temple. Watch the sunset at Uluwatu Temple as you dance with the mystical Kecak dance Frolic at Padang beach. And lastly, you can enjoy the sea’s cuisine at a supreme dinner.

Take the Eat Pray Love day tour

Bali’s so special and you will understand why when you explore Bali on a deeper spiritual level. Some highlights of this tour: Going through scenic and tranquil rice paddies. Taking a wonderful Balinese massage while overlooking the rice fields. Interacting with villagers in their temple, talking to a Balinese healer and getting rid of your worries in Bali’s temples.

When we arrive at Bali we can feel the atmosphere of spirituality easily palpable to all. On this special tour, you will follow the footsteps of Elizabeth Gilbert and see through her eyes, she famously visited this island in order to find love and balance for her life.

On this tour day, you can choose what you are really interested in and during this tour, you are going to know more about Bali’s philosophy and how they see the world.

Visit a secluded organic farm

This is the time to really enjoy nature and discover Bali’s natural treasures. This is a secluded organic farm where you can connect with local people and explore the tranquil side of Bali. Some highlights are; Tasting homegrown organic products and farm animals, enjoying a home-cooked organic lunch, bathing and relaxing in natural hot and cold springs, participating in a project to help the local Balinese community, meeting the friendly Balinese locals.

On this tour, you are welcomed with an organic fresh coffee, a cup of tea with honey and of course an organic traditional snack. This is a tour to enjoy the wondrous Bali nature.

Bali’s one day tours are breathtaking and we are here to help you enjoy all that all day long. Book with us