Sanur Most Jazz Festival July, 2017 : Bali
Sanur Most Jazz Festival July, 2017

With the joined collaboration of Griya Santrian Group and Sanggar Musik Indra Lesmana; Sanur Mostly Jazz Festival will take place next Friday, 14th of July, and the fun will continue to Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th. Yayy!!

The Festival is an initiation of Indra Lesmana, Hon Lesmana, and Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta, the young hospitality entrepreneur.

Indra has always been passionate about Jazz music and ever since he moved to Bali, the dream of contributing his knowledge and passion to younger talented kids never went out of sight. That’s why he established a dedicated center or Sanggar to support and grow his vision. And the Most Jazz Festival is a complement to this occurring dream, by presenting and encouraging young talents to express themselves, to inspire, and aspire.

Furthermore, various music symbols including Balawan, Dewa Budjana Zentuary, Indra Lesmana Surya Sewana, Idang Rasjidi, Ito Kurdhi Chemistry, Koko Harsoe Trio, Mergie Segers, Nancy Ponto, Nesia Ardi, Oele Pattiselano Trio, Sandhy Sondoro, Sandy Winarta Trio, Tohpati, Yuri Mahatma Quartet, and others, are also going to participate in the festival, which is planned to be the opening event for Sanur Village Festival that will be held from 9th-13th of August, 2017.

Jazz lovers everywhere; TO SANUR!