Risky Summerbee & The Honeynut Thief Band : Bali
7pm, Betelnut, Ubud
Friday, 31 May 2013

Experience one of Indonesia’s most exciting bands, Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief, a unique fusion of rock, psychedelic pop and jazz genres. The Yogyakarta natives are anything but ordinary and have made their way in Indonesia’s Indie circuit.

Tickets 50k 

Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief started as a psychedelic music project in April 2007 led by Risky Summerbee, that involved progressive guitarist Erwin Zubiyan and bass player Doni Kurniawan. The band gained recognition after series of concerts in their hometown of Yogyakarta. Together with drummer Sevri Hadi, they presented a hybrid performance entitled 'She Flies Tomorrow' in mid 2007 - which initiated series of creative projects.
In November 2007 the band performed a concert with content crossing their comfort zone. The contemporary music piece entitled "The Rise and Fall of a Scoundrel Queen" was an hour long. This gained the band's status as a contemporary / experimental group.
At this stage, the band is still establishing as a psychedelic jam band playing in clubs and venues. But their mind set as a perfoming arts musician brought them to a collaborative project in January-February 2008 to Slamet Gundono - a north coast Javanese musician- and proceeded to a display of inter-musicality conscious in "Memoirs of Gandari"
May 2008 saw another collaborative work, this time with Teater Garasi entitled "Je.ja.l.an". This contemporary theatre piece directed by Yudi Ahmad Tajudin involved masters in the visual arts and contemporary theatre scene in Indonesia. The music work became their trademark of psychedelic-blues and heavy abstarct structured notation.
Beside their tendency to find possibilities of music works, the band are still very much involved in the independent music scene, establishing themselves as one of the much awaited live artists.
The melange of music and poetry works (Slap & Kiss, On a Bus, She Flies Tomorrow, With You, Fireflies, Flight to Amsterdam, Make a Print of me, Love Affair no 9) can be heard on their album "The Place I Wanna Go"
The end of 2009 saw the band gained various nominations for their live acts and also interdisciplinary approach, including one of the best released album in 2009 for 'The Place I Wanna Go' The year 2009 also saw the band's involvement at Java Rocking Land.
In mid 2010, the band ventured clubs in Osaka and Shizuoka - Japan, before their full set list was performed at the outdoor theater Esplanade - Singapore. Before that, the band did conceptual concert entitled 'Flight to dystopia' at teater Salihara - Jakarta. Risky Summerbee & the honeythief recorded an eight minutes plus track "Mind Game" for various artist compilation 'Jogja Istimewa'. Risky also sang a duet with Frau in a song entitled "Days Elapsed" is selected performances.
2011 saw their 7-track album 'Preamble' released by YesNoWave records consisting of 5 tracks representing the band's experimental attitude, and two of their live tracks recorded at Salihara and Jogja National Museum.
The band also featured in a festival held by Jakartabeat.net at the lakeside of Universitas Indonesia and RRRECFest in Jakarta at the end of 2011.
Genre:   Psychedelic, Folk, Blues, Experimental, Contemporary Music
Risky Summerbee - vocals/guitar/keyboards (2007 - present)
Erwin Zubiyan - guitar/keyboards (2007 - present)
Doni Kurniawan - bass (2007 - present)
Sevri Hadi - Drums (2007 - 2009, 2011)
Nadya Hatta - Piano / keyboards (2007 -2011)
Warman Sanjaya (Drums 2009 - 2010)
Widhiasmoro RIsang - Keyboards (2011 - present)
Bismo Adi Kuncoro - Drums (2011 - present)