Makepung Buffalo Race :
Hundreds of the best looking and most prosperous water buffalos are paired up and pampered with colorful ribbons and painted harnesses and hitched to two-wheeled chariots, then get set to start a 3km race around the dirt circuit.

The race takes place around the district of Melaya, where the kerbau pepadu (The racer buffalos) compete in multiple open race circuits leading up to the finals. And here is the schedule:

Sunday, 16 July: Awen, Lelateng Circuits
Sunday, 30 July: Delodberawah Circuit
Sunday, 13 August: Kaliakah Circuit (Bupati Cup)
Sunday, 27 August: Mertasari Circuit
Sunday, 10 September: Pangkung Dalem Circuit
Sunday, 24 September: Delodberawah Circuit
Sunday, 8 October: Sanghyang Cerik Circuit
Sunday, 22 October: Mertasari Circuit
Sunday, 5 November: Awen Circuit
Sunday, 19 November: Delodberawah Circuit (Jembrana Cup - FINALS)