Dance for Peace Festival : Bali
By the name of love and peace, the “Dance For Peace Festival” is a psychedelic & electronic music festival that is held annually on the land of Gods, to alert the world and share awareness for the secrecy of peace, unity, and divine love.  

The festival offers a variety of exciting activities; you will get the chance to participate in interesting workshops, indulge in the most delicious healthy food, dive into trance music, and dance your troubles away!  

The location can be accessed easily through a 2- 2.30 hours’ drive from either Kuta or Ubud. And there is also a shuttle bus service available dedicated to take people straight to the festival’s location.  

And because peace is driven from art; a wide variety of iconic talents, video artists, and top fire dancers will be there to perform and take the excitement to a whole other level.  

For location updates and more information about The Dance For Peace Festival, take a look here:  

Love & Peace!