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Bali Ferry Blog

Contents 		  			1. Go Surfing in Kuta             2. Watch the sunset             3. Visit the Templ..   Contents 		  			Where is it?             How to get there?             Where to stay?             Ho..   Contents 		  			Before and while traveling             Arriving in Bali             Careful with foo..

Contents 		  			Jimbaran Beach             Kuta Beach             Nusa Dua             Padang Padang..   Contents 		  			Padang Bai: more than just a port town             Lembongan Island: your surfing pa..   Contents 		  			One beach for each purpose             The South coast is perfect for surfing       ..

Contents 		         	Out of respect Do’s and Don’ts         	Do’s and Don’ts in Bali’s res..   Contents 		         	Some interesting places to visit in Bali (Must visit)             	            ..   Contents 		         	When is the best time to visit Bali?             Take a look at this Climate Ch..
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